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Amazon Price Calculator Brazil

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Brazil has a huge market of buyers who now prefer Amazon for their online purchases. Get on to Amazon Brazil marketplace and you can sell in high numbers. You may be located in Brazil and you can sell to Brazilian buyers through Amazon brazilian site. You may be in another country like USA or Canada or Mexico and you can still take advantage through Amazon global. In any case you will be paying fees to Amazon for their services.


Referral Fees % R$
Closing Fees R$
Item Fees R$
Amazon Shipping Fees R$
Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees R$
GST on Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees R$
Total Amazon Charges R$
You Make R$


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Amazon Brazil fees


Professional seller subscription: If you sell more than 40 items per month then you will fall in the professional seller category that attracts a fee of $ 39.9 as subscription per month. With this in mind you must know if you will be able to sell in large numbers to balance out this fee.


Referral fee: This is fancy term for commission. Percentage of referral fee depends on product type and category. Calculation is complex. Please use Digicommerce Amazon price calculator Brazil. It will select exact amount.


Closing fee: This is a fixed amount charged on each sale. It is shown in our Amazon online price calculator Brazil.


Shipping fee: Each parcel you ship attracts shipping fee. Fee depends on weight, size and volume of parcel.


You may pay local taxes on total amount of all above fees.


Use of calculator

Use calculator after you register but before you list products. This way you can use Amazon price calculator Brazil to find out how much you pay to Amazon and if price you fix will give you right amount of profit. If not, then it is better to not sell that product on Amazon.


There are other things to know and be aware of if you wish to sell on Amazon. Digicommerce can handle everything for you. We register retailers as sellers on Amazon Brazil, help with choosing right products to sell, help to fix price so you can sell more and assist with promotions to get you more traffic and sales.


We help new sellers get registered on Amazon Brazil and choose right products to sell and sell more so they earn much profits in short time.


We help established sellers  with strategies and plans to get more out of their Amazon membership.


Digicommerce is Amazon approved channel partner and ecommerce facilitator. We have experts to help you become prosperous as a seller on Amazon Brazil.  Get in touch with us by phone or email to know how we help and our service plans.




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