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Amazon undoubtedly is the world topmost ecommerce platform. It is the buyers first choice. Those who conduct business on the Amazon marketplace platform achieve success in just a short time.

However, competition is intense, with hundreds of sellers selling the same products. The key differentiator is being noticed in searches done by users on Google as well as on Amazon sites.

This is where the importance of Amazon catalogue services and Amazon catalogue management will make all the difference. Digicommerce Amazon seller services is India leading Amazon catalog service provider. Let us start at the beginning.

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Professionals can provide a range of services to help sellers on Flipkart, such as:


8+ Year Experience

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Fantastic Result

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Marketplace Experts

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Emhance Brand View

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Lowest ACOS Maintain

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End to End Handling

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Grow Your Business with Our Amazon Seller Services by Experts

Digicommerce is your perfect Amazon marketplace account manager. We offer A to Z services to help you get off to a flying start with your storefront on Amazon. Our complete suite of Amazon seller services comprises of Amazon SEO services, Amazon brand store creation, helping you choose products, write compelling content based on keyword analysis, create striking images and back it with strong promotion to help your products become top selling products on Amazon. Your store on Amazon stays at the top and spins money for you.

Product Listing Optimization Services to Rank Your Store High On Amazon

The Amazon Catalogue is the digital ecommerce equivalent of a printed catalog, and the success of a seller pivots around how expertly the catalogue is prepared and each item for sale on Amazon categorized, given a title, keywords and name so that it can be found in and rank high in searches. Digicommerce team of experts are meticulous about each product, writing detailed descriptions and product listing in the right category, which is part of Digicommerce expertise as an Amazon catalog service provider. We scrupulously take care of essentials such as product listing, updates, competitor monitoring, product description & categorization, product image editing, inventory management and refinement based on feedback and analysis. It is all part of our overall customer-oriented Amazon product listing service for your benefit.

Amazon Advertising Management Services

It is not enough to create Amazon seller account; it must be supported with advertising. Amazon offers Amazon advertising options similar to Google�s PPC and sponsored ads. Digicommerce Solutions, which is part of Amazon SPN (Service Provider Network), offers expert optimization of your ad spends on Amazon to ensure you get maximum ROIs. Our team analyzes current trends, demand for products, the season and other factors to create a strategy to deploy ads on Amazon, as well as on other platforms such as Google�s PPC and programmatic advertising in order to assure the best outcome for the money spent at the right moment and on the right product.

Amazon FBA Inventory Management

Amazon offers its "fulfilled by Amazon" (FBA) service, which fees sellers on Amazon from the burden of maintaining inventory, packing and arranging to dispatch ordered materials. However, Amazon has clear cut rules and guidance on FBA. These can be confusing but we take the confusion out of the FBA process by handling it on your behalf. One has to be careful in FBA since inventory not sold by Amazon in its warehouse will incur storage charges and Amazon may even return such items and charge the seller for costs. Our experts conduct research and analysis to identify products that will sell fast and generate profits even after paying Amazon FBA charges, while avoiding the pitfalls of dead inventory and returns of unsold stock. You get infinitely more through our assistance.

Account management

Digicommerce, your trusted Amazon seller service provider, offers account management services. This aspect covers operations such as keeping track of orders received, and executed, payments due and payments received, returns and refunds so that you have a clear picture of your finances every day. Our task does not end when we create an Amazon seller account. We go beyond to manage your Amazon account. In addition to routine services, we offer value-added services such as an account manager to review and analyse operations and to come up with creative strategies. We help you to identify paying products and weed out unprofitable lines. We help you plan and implement campaigns to be highly visible through clever campaigns. You will flourish. This is our promise.

Organic Optimization

Digicommerce Solutions is a certified Amazon seller support associate and, as part of our responsibilities to our clients, we offer organic optimization which will lead to higher visibility and better conversions. Our digital marketing team works in the background to implement specific, tailored search engine optimization strategies, post PRs and blogs and carry out social media implementation. The result is a steady rise in traffic to your Amazon storefront through external links.

Training on Selling Successfully on Amazon

Digicommerce Solutions is India leading Amazon seller support associate, and, as part of our service we provide total training to you on how to become a successful seller on Amazon. We provide remote audio-video based training as well as in-person training at our facility. We have Amazon trained experts to conduct classes and to hand-hold you through various steps on your way to achieve success for your store on Amazon.

Reconciliation Accounting

The payment process on Amazon is complex since Amazon receives payment from the end buyer and remits it to the seller periodically. In between, there may be issues such as replacements, cancellation of orders and refunds as well as tax and Amazon service charges. All these have an impact on invoice processing and receipt of proceeds into the seller account. There may be oversight and other issues that could lead to a payment not being received. Avoid all such issues by letting Digicommerce Solutions, Amazon seller support associate, take care of reconciliation accounting. You get a clear picture of payments received, payments receivable and invoices that are affected by replacement/refund issues.

Seller Reinstatement

Amazon is strict about its policies and the way sellers can conduct their business and sell only permitted products on Amazon. If a seller violates Amazon guidelines then they will be barred or suspended from operating their account. Digicommerce, India�s prime Amazon seller service provider, helps with seller reinstatement. Our experts take on the case and carefully peruse Amazon�s suspension notice to find out the cause. Thereafter we go over the product listing and the actions done by the seller to pinpoint the cause. We then create a plan of action and an approach strategy to convince Amazon with an appeal letter for reinstatement that contains concise yet succinct, and convincing explanations. Since we are authorized and are part of Amazon SPN, we know how to tackle such cases and guarantee successful reinstatement.

Seller Flex Management

Amazon seller flex program is a recently introduced innovation to help Amazon FBA sellers gain better control over their inventory and deliver better customer satisfaction. The seller flex program varies slightly from the FBA program in that sellers need not store their products in Amazon warehouses, thereby saving on shipping costs. In addition, there is the option to sell in the seller's location and assure next-day or two-day delivery. However, there are specific eligibility criteria for the seller flex program. Digicommerce is fully aware of the process and will help you get the benefit of Amazon seller flex and earn even more with higher and rapid turnovers.

Competitor Analysis

The Amazon marketplace is extremely fluid and competitive with hundreds of sellers selling the same product at varying price points. As such, it is important for a seller to carry out competitor analysis and know where he or she stands. Digicommerce Solutions, Amazon seller support associate, takes on this task and advises you after detailed analytics to pick the right products, address the right targets and price it just right.

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What Makes Us The Best Marketplace Service Provider

In the first place, Digicommerce Solutions is a well-established ecommerce service provider with years of experience and expertise with not just Amazon, but also all other popular leading marketplaces like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Ebay, Jiomart, Alibaba and Meesho. In addition, Digicommerce Solutions is an accredited, certified and part of Amazon SPN Service Provider Network. We understand how online marketplaces work. Even more important, we understand the seller dilemmas and expectations, the challenges they face, their opportunities and growth achievable. We are experts thoroughly familiar with each online marketplace and its regulations and assist sellers with full commitment and total Amazon seller support to succeed. Our services fuse together innovation, experience backed with expertise, data analytics and marketing wizardry to assure success. We identify emerging opportunities, help you tap them and use IT as the backbone of operations to succeed in driving sales. We are marketplace gurus, here to change your destiny.

Other marketplace Services We Serve:

Digicommerce Solutions is India's leading Alibaba seller service provider. We are equally adept in helping sellers get on to various Indian and international e-commerce marketplaces in the B2C and B2B segments. To date, we have successfully assisted over 7500 small and medium businesses to transform their local operations to international online e-commerce-based operations with resounding success. The other marketplaces where we offer our services to help you succeed as a seller are:

Etsy Seller Account Management Service Seller Account Management Service Flipkart Seller Account Management Service eBay Seller Account Management Service
Jiomart Seller Account Management Service Meesho Seller Account Management Service Alibaba Seller Account Management Service Walmart Seller Account Management Service

Don't Belive us, Explore the review

Don't Belive us, Explore the review

FAQ - Customer Question for the Service -

Why Should I Sell on

Amazon is a global online ecommerce marketplace with localized presence in different countries. It provides sellers a chance to reach out to million of customers and achieve instant, dramatic growth. Your operations will be transformed from a brick and mortar store to a national or international business without spending a ton on marketing. Amazon even takes care of shipment and packing for you.

Who can sell on

Individuals, small businesses and large businesses, traders and manufacturers can all sell on the Amazon marketplace. Even service providers can use Amazon to reach a wider audience.

How do i sell on

There are steps to becoming a seller on the Amazon marketplace. Digicommerce will help you to become an Amazon seller. In brief, you must be a registered business with GST and be authorized to sell branded products. You will need to register with Amazon as a seller and then create your storefront. Buyers will see your products during searches on Amazon and, if they place an order, Amazon notifies you. You pack and the Amazon delivery partner picks it up and arranges for onward dispatch to the buyer.

Can i Offer Both product and Service on

Amazon is one of the biggest global marketplaces but it allows you to sell only products permitted in its list. Some prohibited products cannot be sold. Service providers can make use of the Amazon platform to offer services such as house cleaning, education and others.

Do I need to courier my product to

No. There are two ways Amazon works. One way is for you to keep inventory and prepare the package for shipment on receiving an order in which case the Amazon designated courier picks up the package from your warehouse. The other way is the FBA way in which you dispatch products in bulk to be stored in Amazon�s warehouses from where they will ship directly to buyer on receiving an order.

What are the Document Required to Register as a seller on

You will need to have PAN and GST registration certificates as well as such other certificates depending on the nature of your business. A partnership deed, bank account statement, certificate of incorporation and proof of business and address are some documents you must keep ready for submission.

Who Decide the price of the products?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

The seller can decide at which price to sell products on Amazon. However, you will note that sellers cannot just fix any price; they have to see the prices at which similar products are sold on Amazon and price their product accordingly to be competitive.

Will I get charged for listing products on

Amazon will not levy any charges for registration and listing your products on Amazon. However, when a product is sold, Amazon will deduct their charges from the total received and remit the balance to the seller.

Who takes care of the delivery of my products?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Normal sellers are required to maintain an inventory and, when notified of a sale, they must package the product in the Amazon supplied packaging and label them. A designated courier picks it up for onward dispatch. FBA sellers do not have to worry about individual shipments. They dispatch products in bulk to Amazon warehouse from where Amazon ships individual orders.

How and when will i get paid?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Amazon will transfer payments directly to your bank account seven days after they receive payment for a successful shipment. Amazon will deduct its fees from the total amount and remit the balance to the seller.

When can i start selling?

Use Digicommerce Amazon seller registration service to get registered and then let Digicommerce create your catalogue and product listing after Amazon approves your application. Once the storefront is live you can sell on Amazon.

How many listings are required to start selling?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

There is no specific mandatory requirement about the minimum number of products to sell on Amazon. You can start with just one if you like but it is better to have more.

Who decide the price of product?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

The seller decides the price of the product. Keep in mind the prices charged by other competitors on Amazon, the Amazon fees, shipment, taxes and your profits when you fix the sale price on Amazon.

What are the fee Charged?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Amazon charges different fees such as product category based fees, fees based on price of product, shipping and handling, taxes and fulfillment fees for services.

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