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Image Resize

Digicommerce Image Resize

Digital images are composed of pixels. The number of pixels determines file size and file size of an image has a direct influence on how fast a web page loads when it has one or more pictures in it.


Image size determines how fast pages load

Web images need to be optimized in terms of dimensions and pixels to enable fast loading times. This is important from two aspects. One is that a visitor may become impatient with slow loading time and he will leave. Another is that Google and search engines can lower rankings for pages that are slow to load.


Cropping images and aspect ratios

One simple way one can carry out image resize and reduce file size is to crop an image or to cut out portions that are not important. You can crop images using photo editing tools or upload to digicommerce crop feature and receive the image back, duly cropped and reduced in size. When you upload images for cropping to digicommerce page you can also define the aspect ratio such as square, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 or 1:1. At the same time you select options to flip or rotate images to suit your layout. Our tool carries out all operations without distorting the original image. If need be, background fill option may be selected to fill out blank areas.


Resizing images

There are several ways to resize digital images. One can do it manually using any photo editing tool. One must optimize this process in order to prevent a pixelated look that is typical of images with very low resolutions. Dimensions also need to be changed for easy display on most displays. An easier way is to upload your image to digicommerce image resize online page and get back the image automatically resized in terms of pixels and dimensions.


Free, fast and secure

 Your image cropping, resizing, rotating and other processes are carried out fast in real time on our cloud based servers employing latest tools. You can preview images and know the file size after operations and then finalize the process. Our tool is free to use and you can process as many images as you wish, one after the other. All your images are kept confidential and secure. Your data is removed 24 hours after images are processed for further security. Try it.





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