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Voonik Price Calculator

Voonik Online Seller Price Calculator

Women who want fashionable and trending apparel at affordable pricing navigate to Voonik. If you are in the apparel and accessory line then you shouldcertainly have a presence on the voonik marketplace. Whereas the giants in the ecommerce section sell dozens of varieties of products, specialized ecommerce marketplaces like voonik focus only on fashion and home and living products. Which means it is a more focused store and people who visit voonik are looking for apparels or home & living products. Competition between sellers is less. You are not selling some branded fixed MRP products so you have more leeway in fixing prices. Even then you must calculate price right and you can do this easily using digicommerce voonik online seller price calculator on this page.


Commission Fees % Rs.
voonik Shipping Fees Rs.
Commission+Shipping Fees Rs.
GST on Commission+Shipping Fees Rs.
Total voonik Charges Rs.
You Make Rs.

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Digicommerce voonik price calculator

Digicommerce voonik price calculator is simple and easy to use. You simply choose product category, enter the sale price and its weight. The voonik price calculator india shows you detaisl such as

  • Commission you pay to voonik
  • Shipping fees of voonik
  • GST on the above to costs
  • Nett deduction
  • The final amount you receive from voonik after deduction.


How to use voonik price calculator

First of all you must fix the landed cost of your product after taking into account basic cost you pay to supplier, your overheads and expenses and marketing as well as salary expenditure. Add it to basic purchase price. Now add suitable margin. In case of non-MRP products like apparel and handicrafts you can keep a handsome margin or markup of 80% provided you do supply a value product. Keep in mind that the higher you price a product the more the chances that buyers may not readily buy it. At the same time you must pay higher commission based on the final selling cost you fix for your store on voonik platform. In anycase you cannot keep a margin less than 35% and that just breaks you even after you pay voonik their charges.  It can become confusing as to how to fix price with help of voonik seller price calculator. You also have to think of returns and replacement and product damage in transit which may be a total loss.


  • Digicommerce and its team of voonik experts can help you get on to the voonik marketplace with assistance for registration and launching your storefront.
  • Our experts can help you decide on a right price that will help you sell in volumes and still make a decent profit. We make use of probabilities and extended calculations to fix a final price.
  • We show how you can leverage voonik online seller price calculator so you do not end up paying too much commission, get more business and have a healthy, growing business on voonik.


Get in touch with us and get started on voonik, reaching out to thousands of fashion conscious women looking for the latest.


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Raj Tahiliani

Hi, I am working for a Brand called GIVI (Designer kurti & Gowns Garmentor from Surat) and wish to sell on Voonik. please help us with the policy and charges of putting our products / launching our online stores with Voonik.


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