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Amazon Price Calculator UK

UK Amazon offers a wonderful opportunity to sell online to buyers in the UK and to buyers in the European continent. The important part is right pricing that makes your product competitive and also gets you a profit, even if it is a small one. You can decide profit on a fixed basis or as a percentage. For that, this Amazon price calculator UK is a good tool. It will help you price your products just right and also know your precise profits.


Referral Fees %
Closing Fees
Item Fees
Amazon Shipping Fees
Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees
GST on Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees
Total Amazon Charges
You Make


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Things to consider when using the Amazon online price calculator UK

When you use this Amazon online price calculator UK you need to consider various aspects.

  • Arrive at the cost of the item after factoring in your operating costs, salaries, bills, marketing, promotions, services, etc.
  • What percentage do you wish to add to your product? This will be influenced by pricing of competitors on UK Amazon selling similar products and your purchase price.
  • Cost of shipment by UK Amazon
  • Product category – fees of Amazon vary according to categories
  • Amazon fixed closing fee
  • VAT on the foregoing three items
  • Percentage mark up or fixed mark up
  • Final listing price of product


Digicommerce Amazon online price calculator UK has everything programmed into it. You just input price and product category as well as weight and the calculator computes automatically.



Use is simple. Input values in the boxes and make selections from drop down lists. You see how much you pay to Amazon and how much you receive from the sale proceeds.


It is fast and automatic. This means you can input a number of values for the price and arrive at different results and this will help you in deciding which is the right price point.


It must be kept in mind:

  • The calculator is not entirely accurate and Amazon may change charges for categories.
  • There is always a probability that a product may be returned and may be a total write off. This will affect your profits.
  • Just how much margin is acceptable can also be based on the volume of sales possible on Amazon.
  • If you are not FBA Amazon seller then you may have to incur packaging and shipping on each item you ship and it takes time, which must be valued.
  • If you are FBA then other considerations apply such as Amazon FBA charges.


Calculations can become complicated, especially if you are selling various product categories and prices keep changing.


Digicommerce assists UK retailers to get their pricing and profit margins right to achieve maximum volume sales. We welcome retailers to seek our assistance.


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