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Unlock Success: Your Complete Flipkart Seller Account Management Solutions 🚀

Drive Sales, Enhance Visibility, and Maximize Profits with Expert Flipkart Seller Support! Transform Your Online Business with Tailored Strategies, Optimization, and Seamless Management. Partner with Us for Unrivaled Growth!


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Unlock Success: Your Complete Flipkart Seller Account Management Solutions 🚀

Drive Sales, Enhance Visibility, and Maximize Profits with Expert Flipkart Seller Support! Transform Your Online Business with Tailored Strategies, Optimization, and Seamless Management. Partner with Us for Unrivaled Growth!


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Boost Your Flipkart Business: Expert Seller Account Management Services
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Flipkart Seller Account Management Services

Flipkart is an e-commerce platform in India that allows individuals and businesses to sell their products to consumers online. Flipkart seller account management services are the various tools and services provided by Flipkart to help sellers manage their online stores and sell their products more efficiently.

Digicommerce Solutions is India's leading Flipkart account management service provider. Our bouquet of Flipkart account management includes the entire spectrum of related services, including Flipkart seller account creation, Flipkart seller account login, and working as your Flipkart seller account manager.

Our Flipkart-trained team of professionals handles all the services, starting with advice on your entry as a seller to the creation of your Flipkart seller account, helping you choose products, launch them on your storefront, manage account and payment and even advise on pricing as well as logistics.

As part of the Flipkart account management service we even take care of customer interactions, promotions, and marketing. Importantly, we ensure your operations are in compliance with Flipkart's rules, your customers are satisfied and your product appears right at the top of search listings on Flipkart.

Store Creation (Brand Registry)

Flipkart Storefront Management Service

Why Choose Us for your Flipkart Seller Account Management

Professionals can provide a range of services to help sellers on Flipkart, such as:


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Marketplace Experts

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Emhance Brand View

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Lowest ACOS Maintain

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End to End Handling

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Have the Perfect Store on Flipkart With Our Help

The task does not end with creating a catalogue of your products and uploading it to your storefront through the Flipkart seller dashboard. In fact, it is the start of branched operations, intermeshing to deliver perfect results, as detailed below. Digicommerce Flipkart account management services handle everything on your behalf.

Product Listing Optimization Services to Rank Your Store High On Flipkart

The Flipkart catalogue is complex requiring precise and meticulous attention to details like seller SKU ID, brand, images, URLs, Group ID, EAN/UPC, description, search keywords, and key features, to mention a few.

  • Flipkart bulk listing or single listing also requires close attention to details such as choosing the right vertical in which to slot your product, brand name, product title, description, images, variations, and key highlights, all of which contribute to higher visibility of your product and higher rank for your store on Flipkart.
  • Digicommerce handles all these as part of its Flipkart cataloging services and Flipkart product listing services .
  • Digicommerce's Flipkart listing services in the hands of experts results in the use of researched keywords with high potential which are normally used on the Flipkart search bar.
  • These Flipkart product listing services are further boosted with promotional activities, engaging in Flipkart special sales and ad campaigns.
  • We further optimize Flipkart seller product listing by removing listings of products that are not in inventory and resolving any Flipkart policy violations.
  • The result of all these detailed and in-depth Flipkart cataloging services is that your store ranks high, your products top the list of searches and you get a regular stream of buy orders.

Flipkart Advertising Management Services

Digicommerce's Flipkart ads management service will raise your business on Flipkart to an altogether new level.

Our team of Flipkart experts uses their expertise in data analytics and market research to conceive and implement Flipkart advertisement campaigns on your behalf to give maximum returns on investment.

CPC (Cost per Click) ad on Flipkart

Digicommerce Flipkart advertising services are result oriented and rooted in our expertise in bid management, keyword research, and content development aided by our ability to plan strategically and implement in a phased manner to suit your budget.

Our team keeps a keen eye on Flipkart seller promotions and special offers for Flipkart sellers even as we keep working on your product and listing optimization.

ROI (Return of investment) product ads

This type of ad works a bit differently since only one product can be featured in the ad and charges are levied based on click-throughs.Digicommerce Flipkart PPC management service handles your sponsored product ad deployment strategically to maximize ROIs.

Sponsored Brands

You can take part in such promotions with our assistance and be assured of positive outcomes by deploying PPC-like ads or opting for Flipkart sponsored products category.

Flipkart advertising service is part of our Flipkart paid account management program. If you want the best bang for your buck, we give it to you.

Flipkart Inventory Management

The FBI Flipkart service is a great boon for Flipkart sellers but it does necessitate very precise and meticulous Flipkart inventory management. This is important to avoid issues such as stocks lying unsold and incurring warehousing charges on the one hand and, on the other, there being no stock available to fulfil orders, leading to cancellation and lowering of your Flipkart seller score.

  • Digicommerce's Flipkart fulfillment inventory management service is what you need to avoid pitfalls such as those stated above.
  • We take it upon ourselves to manage your Flipkart fulfillment centre operations.
  • Our team keeps a close watch over your inventory in Flipkart's warehouses and manages Flipkart smart fulfillment order processing operations.
  • If stocks fall below a certain level, we alert you so that you can rush products to the Flipkart smart fulfillment center.
  • If goods are lying unsold, it is likely that Flipkart will levy holding charges and these products may be returned to you at your cost.
  • We will put in efforts by way of promotional offers to clear off such slow-moving inventory.
  • We also carry out routine research and analysis of your orders through fulfillment by Flipkart to know which products sell fast and which move slowly and recommend procurement policies to keep in step as well as avoid locking up your money in unsold inventory.
  • Further, we analyze why such products are not being sold and suggest ways to boost their sales.

Flipkart's Product Pricing

Flipkart does not charge anything when you set up your shop on its online marketplace. However, Flipkart takes its cut on each sale made on its site. Therefore, you will have to consider pricing of products to sell on Flipkart keeping in sight this factor as well as prices charged by competitors. This can become a complex balancing act.

  • Do not worry. Digicommerce is here to help you arrive at the perfect Flipkart pricing of your products to stay competitive and also make a profit.
  • It is important to know the precise costs and, for this, the Flipkart calculator is an easy to use tool.
  • You can use the Flipkart commission calculator to know how much commission you will pay.
  • Flipkart charges different rates for different product categories and price levels.
  • The Flipkart fee calculator will let you know the fees you pay on a sale.
  • Flipkart also offers various other tools such as the Flipkart price calculator, the Flipkart price calculator and the Flipkart seller calculator. You can use these tools for the obvious purpose for which they are intended. However, with our insight and a different perspective, we leverage the power of these tools to conduct feasibility studies even before you launch on Flipkart. The goal of business is to sell in volume and make profits. Getting Flipkart pricing right is where we are experts and give you the benefit of our experience.
  • Flipkart also offers various other tools such as the Flipkart price calculator, the Flipkart profit calculator and the Flipkart seller calculator.
  • You can use these tools for the obvious purpose for which they are intended.
  • However, with our insight and a different perspective, we leverage the power of these tools to conduct feasibility studies even before you launch on Flipkart.
  • The goal of business is to sell in volume and make profits.
  • Getting Flipkart pricing right is where we are experts and give you the benefit of our experience.

Flipkart reconciliation

Flipkart reconciliation is a process of verifying and matching the financial transactions of a seller on the Flipkart marketplace with the corresponding transactions in the seller's bank account. This process is necessary to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the payments made by Flipkart to the seller for the goods or services sold on the platform.

  • The Flipkart reconciliation process involves comparing the transaction data provided by Flipkart to the seller with the transaction data recorded in the seller's bank statement.
  • The purpose of this comparison is to identify any discrepancies between the two sets of data and to reconcile them.
  • The process of Flipkart reconciliation typically involves the following steps:
  • Collect all transaction data from Flipkart and the seller's bank account.
  • Comparing the data to identify any discrepancies, such as missing or mismatched transactions.
  • Investigating the discrepancies to determine the cause and resolve any issues.
  • Reconciling the differences and ensuring that all transactions are accounted for.
  • Generating reports and documenting the reconciliation process.
  • The purpose of Flipkart reconciliation is to ensure that sellers receive accurate and timely payments for their sales on the platform, and to ensure the integrity of the financial transactions on the platform.

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What Can We Do Improve Your Existing Listings' Visibility on Flipkart?

There are hundreds of sellers selling the same product on Flipkart and buyers are not likely to navigate to the bottom of the list when they search on Flipkart.

Other marketplace Services We Serve:

Digicommerce Solutions is India's leading Alibaba seller service provider. We are equally adept in helping sellers get on to various Indian and international e-commerce marketplaces in the B2C and B2B segments. To date, we have successfully assisted over 7500 small and medium businesses to transform their local operations to international online e-commerce-based operations with resounding success. The other marketplaces where we offer our services to help you succeed as a seller are:

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Don't Belive us, Explore the review

Don't Belive us, Explore the review

FAQ - Customer Question for the Service

How Can I Sell My Product on Flipkart?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

In order to sell on Flipkart you must set up an account, upload your product listing into specific categories and execute orders by packing them and keeping them ready for Flipkart logistics partner pickup.

How Much can I earn selling on Flipkart?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

It depends on a variety of factors such as the product category you wish to sell, the profit margin on these products, your procurement price, competition's pricing on Flipkart, market demand and the volume turnover.

Can we Sell on Flipkart without Brand?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Yes, you can sell products on Flipkart without a brand. If you are making and selling products then it is advisable to register a trademark and a brand and register this brand on Flipkart to protect yourself.

Why Should I shall on Flipkart?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Flipkart has more than 10 crores customers all over India. The Flipkart site gets 10 million daily visits and Flipkart arranges shipments to over 1000 cities across India. In one stroke you have access to a huge market at zero marketing costs and zero wait time.

Which Category is best for online selling?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

There is no one category that can be said to be the best. Apparels sell well. Consumer durables sell well. Mobiles and accessories sell. The thing to do is to sell on Flipkart whatever you are currently selling in your shop, or, if you are a startup seller, consult Digicommerce to know the right category for you.

How do i become an online seller?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

First you must have products to sell, which is easy if you are already selling through your shop. Second, you must have all documents such as proof of business, proof of address, personal ID, GST and PAN and current account in a bank ready and then apply to become a seller on Flipkart. Digicommerce will help you with everything.

Is Online Selling Still Profilable?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

It is profitable provided you are selling products that have a good profit margin and lots of demand. Even if profit margins are slim but your products sell in high volume you can consider it as a profitable proposition to sell online.

How Does Selling on Work?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

You set up your seller account and upload the catalog of your products. Visitors to Flipkart will search and find your product listing and navigate to your page and place order and make payment. Flipkart intimates you and you pack and label the shipment. Flipkart logistics partner picks it up for delivery and you get payment in 7 days.

What is the minimum listing quantity to sell on

The minimum quantity, or to be precise, type of product to sell on Flipkart is just one but it helps to have 10 or more different products to sell on Flipkart.

What Products can I Sell On

You can sell grocery, mobiles and accessories, fashion, electronics, home appliances, d�cor stuff, travel related products, beauty products, toys, two wheelers and plenty more, so long as these products are not restricted or prohibited by law.

What do I need to register to sell on

You must have GST registration certificate, PAN card, business address proof and a current account in a bank in the name of the business you register at Flipkart.

How many listings are required to start selling?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

There is no specific mandatory requirement about the minimum number of products to sell on Flipkart. You can start with just one if you like but it is better to have more.

I don't have a website can i still Sell on Flipkart?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Yes. There is no need to have a website when you have Flipkart where you will see higher traffic and sales of your product.

What is FAssured?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

The Flipkart Assurance, or FA, is the label of reliability and quality for products that carry the FAssured stamp. When products are shown with this label, it means such products are genuine, are of good quality, carry a warranty and will be shipped fast with free shipping on orders worth above Rs 500.

can i offer both Product and Service on

No. Flipkart, at the moment, permits only products to be sold on its marketplace.

Who decide the price of my products?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

You, as the seller, are the sole person with powers to price your products as you deem fit.

What are the charges of selling on

Flipkart charges a commission fee which is a percentage of the total item value, collection fee based on value of the item and payment mode, a fixed fee according to item value, shipping fee and GST on all these fees.

How and When do I get paid?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Once the order is executed Flipkart will directly transfer proceeds minus its charges to your bank account through NEFT. It takes 7 to 15 days, 7 for gold sellers and 15 for bronze sellers.

How do I list my product on

Flipkart provides a step-by-step guide on its seller hub. In short, you sign in to your seller account and then through the seller account you choose to list products, select category and upload your product details and images. If this is a challenge, Digicommerce will do it all for you.

How do I Manage my order on

Just log in to your Flipkart seller dashboard. You will be able to view everything such as orders in hand, orders executed, payments and inventories. You can view fresh orders here. Flipkart will also email you about a new order. You pick the item and put it inside the Flipkart designated packaging and indicate that it is ready through the seller dashboard. Flipkart's logistics partner will pick it up from your address for onward dispatch.

What Do I Need to list my product on

You must have set up your seller account on Flipkart. You will need to have photographs of the image from different angles according to Flipkart guidelines, give a suitable title and write content containing description and key features.

Can i Get Help with the development of the Catalog (Product Images,Description, etc.)?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Yes, Flipkart has designated Flipkart associates and partners working in different cities. Digicommerce Solutions is one such Flipkart authorized Flipkart account manager. We will help you with everything that needs to be done on Flipkart.

Can customer leave feedback and why is customer Feedback Important?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Yes, Flipkart permits and encourages customers to leave feedback on the product and the buy experience. This feedback and review are important because prospective buyers are convinced by actual user comments and reviews and the seller's reputation grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Flipkart

  • A manufacturer can become a seller on flipkart. Traders can become sellers on flipkart. Individuals can create a proprietory firm and become a seller on flipkart. How to start business with flipkart is simple and can be initiated by visiting, the flipkart seller hub.

  • In order to sell products on flipkart you will need to register. Before you register you need to create a company, get its PAN and GST registration as well as open a bank account. Also keep ready address and ID proof.

  • How to register in flipkart is easy. Navigate to which is the flipkart hub for sellers. Fill in email ID and phone number and click on “start selling”. Follow the online form and fill in details to complete registration process on flipkart. You can contact flipkart custome

  • Registration as seller on flipkart is 3 step process. Fill in details, manage profile and carry out verification process. If all documents are in order you are approved. If not you need to take corrective action. Your email and phone number are verified during registration.

  • How to start business with flipkart involves following a few steps such as listing your products along with photographs and short write up of products you wish to sell. You can only sell if you have a minimum of 5 products in listing. In order to start listing products you must log into your account

  • How to sell products on flipkart involves registration and listing that are free of charge. You only pay from your earnings when products are sold.

  • If you wish to achieve success in how to sale on flipkart you need to price products just right so research similar products on flipkart to know prices. When you price a product you must know about flipkart seller fees and all other charges that will be deducted from final amount.

  • Flipkart delivers to over 1000 locations in India and has specified flipkart pickup locations from where it will pick up parcels through its own courier services partner. If your city PIN code is not in the list, flipkart will not handle shipping. When flipkart adds the PIN code, it will notify you

  • GST registration certificate is mandatory for flipkart business except for some select exempt items but for flipkart registration process itself, GST is necessary so get registered.

  • PAN is issued by the income tax department and it is mandatory if you wish to sell products on flipkart.

  • How to become online seller involves a lot of competition from sellers based all over India showcasing products on Flipkart but still everyone flourishes. WS Retail, the biggest seller had more than 20% share of sales on Flipkart which exceeded the limit so flipkart formed retailnet seller address a

  • Flipkart offers full support to sellers and flipkart complaint no. or flipkart helpline no. for sellers is 080-6798-1111. Flipkart customer care is excellent.

  • If seller sells fake products or breaches the contract or does anything that is unfair his account can be suspended and he cannot sell on flipkart. In such cases sellers can reapply after six months.

  • Any seller who is considered by flipkart as best for a certain product is a preferred seller and shows up at the top of sellers lists. It depends on pricing and quality of service of seller.

  • When you start flipkart business you will be put into tier 2 level in which case you get payment after 10 days. Sell 30 products and last a month and you will be upgraded to tier 1 in which case you receive payment after 5 days.

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