Digicommerce Amazon Account Management Services

Digicommerce Amazon Account Management Services

One of the simplest metrics to measure your success as a seller on the Amazon platform is in the sales and revenues you generate. This is no easy task given that there are thousands of sellers selling similar products at very competitive prices on Amazon. How you manage your account defines success and, since account management Amazon marketplace is not easy, it is best left to professional Amazon seller account management services such as Digicommerce. Here is how we at Digicommerce Solutions can help you with your Amazon account management.

Amazon Account Management Service

Digicommerce is India's leading Amazon seller account management services provider offering all services that a seller on Amazon needs to succeed and thrive. Our team helps you to put up your storefront on Amazon followed by a slew of services to assure your success and growth. Our comprehensive services cover Amazon SEO services, acting as your Amazon marketplace account manager and plenty more. It includes selecting the right products to sell, photography, text description, pricing, competitor analysis on Amazon, managing orders, billing and payments and taking care of promotions. Our expertise is based on expertise and in-depth market analysis leading to success for you. Digicommerce tops in account management Amazon marketplace because we know how the system operates. We conduct and manage all your operations on Amazon even as we keep in sight Amazon's complex maze of rules and guidelines. As your Amazon account management agency, we work the mantra right for your prosperity.

Amazon Account Management Services Available from Digicommerce

Digicommerce Solutions, India's best Amazon account management services provider, offers the entire slew of Amazon related services:
  • Setting up your Seller Central Account on Amazon
  • Listing and Listing Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Product Listing Management
  • Brand Registry & Protection
  • Product Launch
  • Prep & Logistics

Digicommerce Amazon Account Management Services

Setting up your Seller Central Account on Amazon

One of the first steps in our Amazon seller services, we handle this crucial part with meticulous attention to detail. Clients receive full advice and guidance on all that is involved in selling on Amazon. We ensure seller has all credentials and paper work ready and then our team initiates the process of setting up their Amazon seller central account as the first step to post sign up procedures.

Listing and Listing Optimization

Digicommerce's team takes care of setting up your storefront on Amazon and then populating it with products. Once the Amazon seller sign in is done, we take up the work of photographing each product, assigning it to the right category, creating content for it, bar codes, SKU, search terms, etc., and then uploading the listing to Amazon followed by listing optimization that will earn your product a buy box on seller central and make it stand at the top in searches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Once your Amazon storefront goes live after the Amazon brand store creation task, we proceed with Amazon SEO services. Our expert, custom Amazon SEO implementation translates to higher visibility, ranking in the top in Google and Amazon searches, and consequent conversions. SEO on Amazon fast-tracks your sales and leads to higher ROI, sales and loyalty.

Enhanced Brand Content

Content is the decisive touchpoint on your storefront on Amazon, positively engaging customers and persuading them to make a buy. We pay special attention to products on your storefront on Amazon to give detailed specs and description and a title, all of which include researched keywords. This is coupled with professional photographs for top enhanced brand content.

Product Listing Management

As your friendly Amazon seller services provider, Digicommerce takes care of product listing management. We integrate several complex factors such as which product to push and highlight, pricing based on demand, supply and competitor analysis and profit margins among others. This product listing management service on your storefront on Amazon also takes care of keeping track of inventory, updating the list to remove out of stock products and to add fresh products, among others.

Brand Registry & Protection

Brand protection is vital on any marketplace. Digicommerce Amazon seller services takes care of all documentation related to your own brand or brand use authorization permissions, registration of brands and trademarks with Amazon and keeping them safeguarded with an eagle eye to prevent fraud or misuse, as well as to stay compliant with Amazon's policies.

Product Launch

Timing, price, category and market demand are a few of the factors we integrate into product launches as part of our Amazon seller services. The result is that the newly launched product gets off to a running start on your storefront on Amazon. We create positive brand impression, generate demand and react to customer inquiries promptly. This is closely allied with our brand registration and protection service.

Prep & Logistics

Packaging and shipping contribute to a favorable customer impression besides helping you to save costs. Digicommerce, your expert Amazon seller services provider, takes care of helping you decide on the right packaging at the best price, labeling and other Amazon compliances as well as shipment mode to various destinations.

What We Will Do to Improve Existing Listings Visibility

Digicommerce offers total Amazon account management services of which improving your product listing's visibility is one part. If some items languish in your inventory due to various reasons, our team swings into action to take remedial measures to improve existing listings' visibility on Amazon. We use a variety of techniques, each implemented after a careful analysis of the underlying causes. Some of the strategies we adopt are described below:

  • Change the title and/or modify it based on keywords used on Amazon by buyers in searches
  • Consider modifying the price if feasible in order to become more competitive
  • Implement custom SEO for that particular product or products
  • Devise appropriate deals, combo offers or gift vouchers linked with that particular product
  • Interact with customers to get feedbacks and ratings to improve brand equity and ratings which will translate to more buys

We keep track of results and agilely modify strategies during implementation to get the best results to improve product listing visibility. We can guarantee that you will see a noticeable difference within a week of our implementing the product listing improvement campaign on Amazon.

Why Choose us for Your Amazon Account Management Services?

There are ample reasons to choose us as your Amazon marketplace account manager. Digicommerce is an Amazon accredited Amazon account management services provider with years of experience in this segment, with a team of trained, professionally qualified and competent Amazon specialists to handle local or Amazon global selling. You can sell on Amazon and be assured of success from day one due to our comprehensive bouquet of Amazon seller services starting with getting you registered on seller central Amazon India. Our suite of Amazon services help you with Amazon sellers sign in, compelling content, title and images to make your products the bestselling products on Amazon and in-depth market analysis and research to help you to plan ahead and we implement finely crafted marketing promotions. Best of all, we create custom strategies for you and assign a dedicated team to handle your entire account, leaving you free to focus on your core activity.

Have the Perfect Store on Amazon With Our Help

Digicommerce is your perfect Amazon marketplace account manager. We offer A to Z services to help you get off to a flying start with your storefront on Amazon. Our complete suite of Amazon seller services comprises of Amazon SEO services, Amazon brand store creation, helping you choose products, write compelling content based on keyword analysis, create striking images and back it with strong promotion to help your products become top selling products on Amazon. Your store on Amazon stays at the top and spins money for you.

Product Listing Optimization Services to Rank Your Store High On Amazon

Digicommerce Solution's Amazon product listing optimization services are done expertly to leverage Amazon's algorithms and our in-depth analytics of the way buyers search for products to buy on Amazon. Digicommerce's Amazon listing services India facing is part of our overall expertise in ecommerce product listing services for all major platforms.

We address and optimize all components that contribute to higher ranking in product searches made by prospective buyers on Amazon. Or Amazon seller product listing optimization service harmonizes and polishes these components:

Putting the product in the right category

Our Amazon catalogue services get it right the first time by choosing the right category for your product.
Product description, product title and product images optimization
Here again our Amazon cataloging services gets it right at the start by using the brand name, product name, model, color and other important specifications in the product title, which alone has a great bearing on being found in searches. Next is the content or product description which is concise and yet clear, with the right set of keywords and specifications. Lastly, our team provides full guidance to create high resolution images from different angles with white background, fully in compliance with Amazon standards set out for Amazon seller product listing.

Discoverability, Reviews, Search Term Optimization

Each little thing matters and adds up to boost your product to the top of search lists on Amazon. To this end we pay precise attention to discoverability factors such as fulfillment, keywords and content relevance. This goes hand in hand with writing excellent product reviews and using the most appropriate set of keywords permitted by Amazon for search term optimization. We consider things like the various search terms a buyer may use and the related categories too.

Amazon Advertising Management Services

Sellers can benefit from the range of Amazon advertising options that are similar to Google's PPC but with differences. The key to maximizing ROI is Amazon PPC management services from Digicommerce Solutions. With years of serving clients on various ecommerce platforms to leverage the promotional avenues to boost sales, Digicommerce is your perfect partner for Amazon advertising services. We design custom strategies and implement them with your budgets and goals in mind to boost your sales on Amazon.

Sponsored display ad on Amazon

This is Amazon's term for what we know as banner advertising. Digicommerce's team of designers will work with you to choose a product or a range of products, design the display banner to stand out vividly on Amazon's site and deploy these ads according to a set strategy and parameters. This type of ad features in a contextual manner at the top of search results on Amazon or when Amazon sends out promotional mails, featuring as Amazon sponsored products.

Sponsored product ads

This type of ad works a bit differently since only one product can be featured in the ad and charges are levied based on click throughs. Digicommerce Amazon PPC management service handles your sponsored product ad deployment strategically to maximize ROIs.

Sponsored Brands

Since this Amazon ad category targets brands, you can feature up to 3 products of the same brand in one sponsored ad. Digicommerce's Amazon advertising services will conceptualize, design and deploy the sponsored brands ad keeping in sight your budgets and desired outcome.

Advertising on Amazon is far more effective since it has 3x the conversion rate of Google and since searches are displayed to the prospective buyer when he is on Amazon's site, it is likely that he will click on a sponsored product link.

Amazon FBA Inventory Management

Amazon FBA is an amazing service that frees sellers from the burden of packing and shipping each individual product-Amazon handles everything ranging from warehousing to picking, packing and dispatch using its own resources. The Amazon FBA business is highly profitable for sellers but one crucial aspect to manage is inventory, especially when you intend to sell on special occasions such as festivals and Amazon's prime day sales. You must not run out of inventory and you must also not be saddled with unsold inventory when you are part of the Amazon FBA program. This is because such piled up inventory attracts warehousing charges that you can calculate using the Amazon FBA calculator. Inventory lying unsold will automatically transfer to Amazon FBA return inventory list and sellers have to pay the return shipping cost. As an Amazon FBA seller, you will have to finely balance the inventory on Amazon FBA to avoid pitfalls. We are here to help you do just that with our expertise in Amazon account management services.

Amazon's Pricing

As a seller on Amazon you should keep tabs on competitors' prices and also price your products accordingly while keeping in sight your desired profit margin, the taxes you will pay and the variety of fees you will pay to Amazon. The Amazon commission calculator helps you calculate the commission you pay to Amazon just as the Amazon fee calculator helps you know the applicable fee for your product category. Amazon offers these and other vital tools such as the Amazon price calculator, the Amazon profit calculator and the Amazon revenue calculator. You can input a base price of your product, destination and package size into the Amazon seller calculator and get to know the various fees, service charges and commission as well as shipping costs payable. You can also input a final sale price and Amazon calculators will tell you the total deductions from this price and the net amount you will receive in your account. You will know immediately whether you are making a profit or a loss and you can decide pricing using these calculators.

It is best to undertake this exercise of Amazon pricing in consultation with us much before you start selling on Amazon since the pricing calculators will let you know whether it is viable for you to sell particular products or avoid them altogether. The Amazon profitability calculators tell you whether you are likely to make a profit if you sell a product at a certain price that is prevailing on Amazon or whether you will run into a loss.

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