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Alibaba GGS Services Provider

Alibaba GGS Services Provider
Digicommerce, the world’s No. 1 ecommerce enabler, offers you a complete suite of Alibaba related services. If you are planning to get started on Alibaba and are fresh to trade or have an established shop, Digicommerce is your perfect partner to launch you on the Alibaba platform. As part of the Alibaba Service Provider Network, Digicommerce 360 degree solutions are comprehensive and all-encompassing from the moment you contact us to keep you company once you get going.

Global B2B ecommerce is really taking off and Alibaba leads the pack with a strong presence in 240 countries and a user base of 50 million. The platform includes manufacturers and wholesalers as well as buyers and traders from across the world. Get on to the Alibaba platform and you could see a tremendous increase in your sales. Conversely, if you are sourcing products then buying from Alibaba suppliers gives you a definite price advantage.

There are all types of sellers on Alibaba. There are normal sellers and then there are vetted and verified sellers you can trust for quality, timely supplies and customer services. There are three classifications that indicate trustworthiness of a supplier on Alibaba.

  • Trade Assurance Suppliers are those whose products are inspected before shipping and transactions are backed by Alibaba for full refund.

  • Assessed suppliers are those who are monitored by third party inspection agencies, and,

  • Gold Suppliers who are vetted and verified by Alibaba through third party certification services.

  • Let us talk about these Gold Suppliers on Alibaba.

    What is Alibaba Gold Supplier

    Manufacturers and wholesalers can register on Alibaba as sellers. Alibaba also offers a Gold Supplier tab to members. It is a paid service. Such sellers who apply for Gold Supplier label must undergo inspection and verification by Alibaba designated third party supplier verification services. If they are approved then they can display the Alibaba Gold label on their storefront. Such suppliers have to pay a fee to Alibaba for the label each year.

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    How to find Gold Suppliers

    Buyers intending to purchase wholesale from the Alibaba online B2B marketplace must first register as members. This gives you access in depth to the site and to the suppliers. Since Gold suppliers are certified by Alibaba third party inspection agencies you can trust them to a certain extent. Use the search option to find suppliers for products you wish to purchase. This option has additional filters to narrow down results by manufacturers, wholesalers, dropshippers and importing agents. It is preferable to search for gold suppliers by clicking the box that says Gold Suppliers. The results will display a list of such accredited Alibaba suppliers.

    Caveat: The Gold supplier label is not 100% a certificate of trustworthiness. There are online scammers who will readily part with the fee because they can easily recoup these through their questionable transactions. You should also additionally look for trade assurance suppliers and assessed suppliers besides checking the feedbacks and reviews of buyers of such suppliers.

    It is always a good idea to engage Digitalcommerce to assist you to find the right, trustworthy Gold Supplier on Alibaba.

    How to become Alibaba Gold Supplier

    Indian manufacturers and wholesalers can go global through Alibaba. Since Gold suppliers bag the maximum inquiries and orders on this platform it is worth the expense and effort to become one. You can follow the online procedure at Alibaba site or engage the Alibaba account management services in India of an expert ecommerce facilitator like Digitalcommerce to help you.

    In brief, the process is as follows:

    You select a package for Gold suppliers from the three available.

    • The Plus package costs about $3499 per year in which part payment is made to Alibaba and the other to the certified Alibaba service provider in India partner who will conduct the verification and certification service. This is an annual fee. You can pay $5299 for two years.

    • The pro package costs $10799 per year.

    Benefits for Gold Suppliers on Alibaba

    Gold suppliers enjoy privileges on Alibaba:

    • Plus and Pro members can post unlimited products

    • They can receive and respond to inquiries

    • They can show case 20 products

    • The Request for Quotation limit is 60 per month

    • Members enjoy 180 day traffic accelerator

    • Members can maintain 5 sub-accounts.

    There are additional benefits such as

    • Product posting service for 60 products for Plus and 200 for Pro members

    • Business verification support

    • First 90 days full account operation

    • Customer service

    • Monthly performance consultation

    • Email support for Plus and Email plus phone support for Pro.

    Once you register and make payment then the Alibaba sales manager will get in touch with you to take the process forward.

    The process involves business authentication and verification check by an Alibaba accredited third party inspection service. If they approve then Alibaba GGS services product optimization gives your business the gold label that you can display on your storefront on Alibaba marketplace.

    As can be seen, the fees are hefty. However, you also assured of a high number of inquiries that could possibly translate to sales all over the world and you can easily recoup the fees from the profits. You will really strike gold by becoming a Gold Supplier on Alibaba. Get Digitalcommerce to assist you so that the process goes through smoothly.

    Customized Website

    Design and create your own Alibaba minisite with details, pictures, and corporate/product videos.

    Product Showcase

    Upload unlimited products. Highlight and showcase your best products.

    Global Marketplace

    Meet and interact with buyers from across the world. Expand your horizons.

    Product Ranking

    Optimize products with detailed description, quality photos, and keywords.

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