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Walmart Seller Account Management Services

  • Walmart Inc was set up by the Walton Family with Sam Walton and Bud Walton as its founders in 1962.
  • Walmart opened up a chain of hypermarkets and discount stores across the USA and went on to become a global presence.
  • Walmart operated its site but it was only in 2009 with the rise of ecommerce that Walmart launched its Walmart marketplace.
  • Walmart marketplace, like Amazon, permits third party sellers to set up their storefront and sell everything from groceries to fashion to electronics to hardware and more.
  • It is easy to set up your Walmart seller account with the help of Walmart seller account management services.
  • Walmart account creation does involve following a set of procedures followed up by proper marketplace account management thereafter, but with Digicommerce to help you, it becomes easy.
  • Let Digicommerce¡¯s team of Walmart experts help you get started on a journey leading to prosperity on Walmart which boasts of over 120 million visitors.

Setting up your Seller Central Account on Walmart

Digicommerce helps you with Walmart account creation as the first step to selling on Walmart. This involves compiling all necessary documents and information required by Walmart to onboard sellers onto its marketplace:

  • Business Tax ID or licence,
  • Address proof
  • History of marketplace success
  • Listing of products with GTIN/UPC GS1 Company Prefix Numbers
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services compliances
  • Walmart Catalog
Walmart Onbording Management Service

Product Listing and Cataloging

Digicommerce Walmart seller account management services includes product listing and integration that can be done through:

  • API connection integrated management of items, orders, prices, inventory and returns; drop shipping across the world, warehousing support, content development and product writeups, and, marketing and promotion on the Walmart platform.
  • Seller Central Setting up account, choosing product categories in which to list products, single and bulk upload of product listings complete with write up, description and photographs, and pro seller badge.
Walmart Listing Management Service

Store Creation (Brand Registry)

Enhanced Brand Content

Walmart Store Management Service

Walmart Search Engine Optimization

Digicommerce team of Walmart account management experts go a step further to help boost your sales on the marketplace through analytics:

  • Track performance of your products vis ¨¤ vis that of competitors
  • Generate real time data using the analytics tool
  • Derive intelligence from reports and guide you on future course of action
Walmart Optimization Service Management

Walmart Advertising and Marketing

Digicommerce leverages the full extent of Walmart promotional tools to help sellers gain maximum orders. We assist sellers to engage in Walmart's campaigns such as:

  • Sponsored search
  • Growth dashboard analytics
  • Biz mentor program
  • Listing quality analysis and updates
  • Pricing using algorithms
  • Review accelerator program
  • Walmarket Marketplace Capital no paperwork, low fees, fast funding
Walmart Promotion Adveriting Management service

Inventory and Logistics

Digicommerce, as part of its Walmart seller account management services, assists its clients in inventory management:

  • Selection of the right products with focus on fast turnover based on demand,
  • Management of inventory through seller center
  • Updating inventory, adding inventory, removing items no longer stocked or sold
Walmart Inventory management Service

Why Choose Us for your Walmart Seller Account Management

Professionals can provide a range of services to help sellers on Walmart, such as:


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Fantastic Result

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Marketplace Experts

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Lowest ACOS Maintain

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End to End Handling

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Grow Your Business with our Expert Walmart Seller Account Management Services

The best thing is that sellers should be able to manage their Walmart seller account and use all the tools available for promotion on the marketplace. However, sellers may not have the time or expertise. This is where we at Digicommerce deploy our expert Walmart seller account management services team to help you grow your business through multifarious related activities. :

Product Listing Optimization Services to Rank Your Store High On Walmart

It is relatively easy to create a seller account on Walmart but it requires finesse and deep knowledge of the way the Walmart marketplace works to create and upload product catalogues and carry out product listing optimization that translate to higher visibility, sales and revenues. Digicommerce are experts in Walmart sponsored search advertising and Walmart advertisement services to help you go on top of the competition.

  • Our team creates the product catalog with individual writeups, titles, use of keywords and images for each product followed by uploading the catalog to your storefront on Walmart.
  • Our team then uses the listing quality score to determine the score and to fine tune each product¡¯s content and description.
  • We keep track of post purchase insights and then further refine product description and listing optimization.
  • Products Advertisement & Marketing

    Digicommerce helps you get the best ROI on your investments in Walmart sponsored search advertising. Walmart advertisement services are designed to help sellers on its marketplace gain higher visibility, increased traffic and more sales leading to higher profits. There are two types of Walmart sponsored search advertising, of which Sponsored Product Ads is one and Sponsored Brands is the other.

  • Maintain a constant watch on your Walmart seller center account and dashboard and notify you of orders received, while acknowledging such orders, even as we help you decide on the best fulfillment method ¨C through carriers designated by Walmart or by using Walmart fulfillment services.
  • Keep track of in-process orders and post updates on the seller center dashboard
  • Notify when shipments have been made and update the order status and update inventory
  • Keep track of deliveries
  • Keep track of payments, returns if any, and refunds and update inventory and orders.
  • Digicommerce assists clients with Walmart advertisement services comprised of the above as well as others such as listing quality, repricer and accelerator program

    Order Management

    Walmart Sellers receive orders through the seller center dashboard and orders must be executed promptly to ensure high ratings. Order management covers various operations such as routing the shipment, shipping methods and timing, carrier methods, assuring two day delivery and also managing returns and replacements. Digicommerce team of Walmart seller account services management takes on all aspects of Walmart order management and frees you to focus on more important aspects. This is what we do:

  • Sponsored product ads are paid ads which place your product listing at the top of search results on item pages.
  • The Sponsored Brands campaign is also a paid campaign in which the focus is on placement of the brand logo and associated product at the top of product/brand search results.
  • In order to take part in this campaign the sellers must have their brands registered with the Walmart Brand Portal.
  • Walmart Analytics & Performance Growth Opportunities

    Walmart offers finely tuned analytics and performance growth opportunities for sellers. Digicommerce team leverages the tools on the dashboard to gain insights on market trends, product prices across various platforms and strategies for growth.

  • Performance Overview: Activities under performance overview comprise of the following.
  • On-time delivery rate: We segregate and analyze data to know percentage of orders delivered on or before the delivery date and underlying reasons to improve future performance and assure customer satisfaction.
  • Valid tracking rate: This metric focuses on the percentage of orders with valid tracking information, customer use of such information, satisfaction index and application for all future orders to improve performance and ranking.
  • Seller response rate: We derive statistics on percentage of customer inquiries that were attended within 48 hours of receipt, progress and conversion. If not done we find out reasons and help to improve performance to assure fastest response.
  • Refund rate: We analyze data to derive percentage of orders that were cancelled or led to refunds due to fault of seller such as incorrect dispatch or damages and develop strategies to improve.
  • Cancel rate: Our team keeps a close watch on orders received and cancelled due to fault of sellers and work to help our clients to reduce this cancel rate to zero.
  • Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS)

    Walmart sellers are freed from the onerous tasks of maintaining inventory and order execution by opting for Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS). All sellers have to do is to set up their Walmart seller account and opt for WFS. They will then ship their inventory in bulk to the closest WFS facility.

  • Once the seller receives an order, WFS automatically picks, packs and ships the order directly from their warehouse using their personnel and carriers.
  • WFS offers low cost 2 day shipping anywhere in the US, access to WFS dashboard and reduced inbound shipping rate.
  • Opting for WFS also results in higher search ranking and buy box wins leading to 50% increase in sales as well as the benefit of personalized recommendations to optimize and grow business.
  • Sellers pay a small fee for WFS but gain a lot in the process.
  • Digicommerce helps you to set up the right WFS to suit your products and to use the WFS calculator to estimate the price for storage and fulfillment fees.
  • Growth Opportunities

    Walmart offers assistance and tools to help sellers maximize growth opportunities on its platforms. Digicommerce Walmart account services management team leverages these tools to help you optimize your operations.

    Listing Quality & Rewards

    Walmart grants an overall listing quality score determined on how intending buyers perceive your product listing, ease of discoverability in searches, content quality, pricing, shipping, buyer reviews, and actions sellers take in response to buyer queries and orders. Walmart¡¯s algorithm is complex with granular attention to detail according to the product type and demand drivers. We stay on top and delve deep into specifics to ensure that each of your listed product attains a high listing quality score.

    Search Insights

    Walmart¡¯s search insight facility gives detailed insight into each item¡¯s performance and conversion. Sellers get insights on where listings show up in searches, performance in terms of impressions, clicks, add to cart and orders, top queries for each items and possible actions sellers can take to improve performance. Digicommerce leverages this powerful tool to modify and update product description, contents and categorization as well as use of keywords and listing quality score insights leading to all round improved performance with higher views, more clicks and more buy box wins.

    Unpublished Items

    Sellers may attempt to publish their entire product listing catalogue but there will be unpublished items. These items remain unpublished due to a variety of reasons:

    • Items that do not perform well may be removed as per Walmart¡¯s policy
    • Items may not be published due to reasonable price not satisfied reason
    • Items may not be published due to high shipping prices that are deemed unacceptable by Walmart
    • Items that contravene the prohibited items list of Walmart
    • Items may not be published if they contravene the Walmart rules for IP or offensive items.

    Digicommerce team of Walmart seller account management services takes up each item on a case to case basis and brings about a satisfactory resolution wherever possible.

    Assortment Growth

    Walmart has automated tracking algorithms for products listed on its marketplace and it provides opportunities to expand listings through the assortment growth under the analytics heading under the main growth opportunities heading in the dashboard. The assortment growth option displays brands, items, categories, buy box price and competitive price of items chosen through the filter set. The assortment growth tool permits users to view, filter, set up, download and remove recommendations. Expert use of this vital Walmart tool helps to streamline and fine tune listings for maximum benefits to sellers, something in which we specialize and assure results.

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    Don't Belive us, Explore the review

    Don't Belive us, Explore the review

    FAQ - Customer Question for the Service

    Does Walmart offer in-house fulfillment services?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    Yes, it is known as Walmart Fulfillment Service or WFS in short. Sellers can join the WFS program and ship their inventory in bulk to the Walmart facility. Once a seller receives an order, the shipment is handled by WFS facility where personnel pick and package and then ship the order to the buyer.

    How do I set up my product catalog?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    You must first set up a Walmart seller account by registering and uploading required documents. Once approved as a seller, you will have access to the seller center dashboard through which you can set up your product catalog. You can upload in bulk by using a spreadsheet that you create or have used on another marketplace. You can also download Walmart¡¯s Excel template and fill in the details of products. This also gives the facility of quick setup by match to match your item to existing items on Walmart. You can also opt for single item setup by searching Walmart¡¯s catalog and creating a separate category if one does not exist. It is also possible to use API integration if required.

    How do I set up my shipping settings for my items?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    Walmart offers several options to setup shipping. There is a standard shipping template and you can choose from 60 different custom shipping templates if you are fulfilling orders by yourself. You can use 30 different third party fulfillment templates. Sellers can choose a paid standard template in which shipping charges to be paid by buyers are indicated. Bulky items shipping can be configured through the freight shipping method by using a special template and then selecting the freight template. You can define delivery regions, set transit times, assign products to templates or to WFS and also identify 2-day and 3-day orders through the seller center dashboard.

    How long does it take for my inventory to update on

    Assuming that you have followed Walmart guidelines it will take about 24 hours for the updated inventory to show up on Walmart marketplace.

    Is there a limit to how many items I can add to my catalog?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    Sellers on the Walmart marketplace can update 10000 items in one attempt but this number may vary according to the seller¡¯s status. It may be 5000 for some sellers. Do not worry. The upper limit is high enough not to place any limitation for most sellers.

    Why was my item unpublished?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    If an item does not meet Walmart¡¯s guidelines it will not be published on the marketplace. Some common reasons are higher than normal pricing, higher shipping rates, the item being in the prohibited list and if the item contravenes the Walmart IP and similar policies.

    What if my item doesn't have a Product ID?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    What if my item doesn't have a Product ID?

    How do I remove an item from

    An item you sell is known as SKU on Walmart. You can remove an SKU from your product listing by logging into the seller center dashboard and then navigating to the integration page or manage items section. Search for your SKU or UPC by using the filter. Click the check box to the left of the item. Next, click the Retire Item button You can also use the bulk actions suite to remove more than one SKU at one go.

    How long does it take for Walmart to issue a refund?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    The time it takes for Walmart to process and approve refunds is based on the method of payment chosen and also on the payment processor and, to some extent, on the location. The average time is 5 to 7 days from receipt of returned item back at the warehouse of Walmart (if WFS is used) or the seller.

    What is the "Was Price" for my item?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    Walmart encourages and facilitates promotions to benefit buyers through low pricing and clearance sales. The promotional price must be at least 10% less than the ¡°Was Price¡± which is the term used for the regular price. You can ask for Reduced Price badge for promotions and the clearance label if the product is discontinued and will no longer be replenished. The strict terms define Was Price as the average price during a 90 day period or the median price offered on the marketplace for at least 28 out of the last 90 days excluding promotional periods.

    How do I get the Sponsored tag on my item?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    If you participate in Walmart¡¯s promotional campaigns like the sponsored ad for sellers, performance ads, native banner ads, catapult ads or site search feature ads on its marketplace you can get the sponsored tag for the chosen items that you wish to promote. First of all you must send an email to through your dashboard to determine eligibility for the sponsored products program. If approved you will be taken into the program and you can then advertise specific product or product groups through the self serve platform or through the Walmart managed service program with associated fees payable according to the platform you choose. The products you choose will then carry the sponsored tag in search results on Walmart.

    How Can Walmart Listing Services Help Me Grow My Business On Walmart?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

    Walmart offers a suite of promotional services related to Walmart listings of your products on their marketplace. In addition, Walmart listing services help you to update your content based on analytics and suggestions, pricing rules and suggestions, reviews and feedbacks and by helping you to set every day low price (EDLP). You can use the seller center analytics to get insights into listing quality and rewards. There is much involved in doing the listing right and then opting for promotions to grow business on Walmart. Let Digicommerce manage your Walmart account for the best outcome.

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