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Expert Etsy Product Listing Services | Increase Sales & Visibility

Enhance your Etsy store's performance with our specialized product listing services. Our experienced team ensures your products stand out with optimized titles, engaging descriptions, and strategic keywords, boosting visibility and sales. We tailor listings to attract your target audience, leveraging SEO best practices to rank higher in Etsy searches. From crafting compelling product descriptions to enhancing images, we offer comprehensive solutions to maximize your store's potential. Let us handle the intricacies of Etsy's platform while you focus on growing your business. Elevate your Etsy presence today and watch your sales soar with our professional product listing services.

Etsy Product Listing Services | Expert Etsy Shop Management

Etsy started in June 2005, serving as a sort of online version of the local fairs you are so used to attending and picking up hand-made items made and sold by the creators. Since then Etsy has matured into an online ecommerce platform while retaining the essential DNA of encouraging individual craftsmen to sell their products to a wide audience. Digicommerce Solutions offers the entire spectrum of Etsy seller account management services to help you to succeed on this unique platform for creators.

There is a whole lot to do if you wish to get started selling on Etsy. Digicommerce makes it all easy with our Etsy account management services. Our team takes care of everything while you focus on doing what you do best: creating products.

Our Etsy seller account management services is comprehensive covering everything including but not limited to:

  • Registering your account with Etsy
  • Creating your profile and setting up your unique shop with a unique name on Etsy
  • Product photography, product description, product description uploads to your shop on Etsy
  • Managing communications with prospective buyers and bringing about conversions
  • Managing accounting and financial matters
  • Managing advertisement, customer interaction, linked social media accounts

Digicommerce gets you started on Etsy, hand-holds you during the transition manages your account and operations and then boosts business through targeted, strategic Etsy promotions.

What Are the Most Searched and Bought Items on Etsy?

Etsy was and is primarily about individual artists and craftsmen/creators sell their products to a global audience. It is also the place where you can dispose off your household items and antiques (provided antiques are 20 years old at the minimum).The most searched and bought on Etsy are:

  • Hand made craft items
  • Hand made garments and accessories
  • Hand made cosmetics and beauty products
  • Hand made bed linen, embroidered items
  • Hand made food items
  • Antiques

One of the several Etsy account requirements is that the products put up for sale should be made by the person who registers the account, and, if more than one person is involved then suitable attribution must be made. There is a personal touch to doing business on Etsy, starting with the naming of your shop to its theme and to customer interactions. It is not a daunting process; we make it easy for you with our Digicommerce Etsy account management services.

Why should you be selling on Etsy

Let us assume that you have a gift or talent to create things such as, for example, woven baskets or embroidered linen or custom-designed apparel. In the normal course of things you will be able to sell only to people in your social circles and in your city. Switch and transition to Etsy and it will make a world of difference. You have access to buyers from all over the world, people who are specifically looking for hand crafted products. You can sell more, keep busy, earn more and gain a faithful following all over the world. Your talent gains recognition and you gain fame and wealth.

Another factor worth considering as regards selling on Etsy is that the Etsy account requirements are quite liberal. You do not have to possess registration and certificates to sell on this platform since it is all about peer to peer sales. However, if you will be selling in higher quantities then it is advisable to obtain necessary GST/PAN registration.

Services We Provide

Digicommerce is India's leading ecommerce facilitator, serving people who wish to sell on various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart, PayTM, Snapdeal and other e-marketplaces. Our team is thoroughly familiar with all that is required to get on to Etsy and sell and will provide the complete suite of services such as:

  • Etsy account management services
  • Etsy Listing And Cataloging Services
  • Etsy Sales Boost Services
  • Etsy Seller Registration
  • Customize your Etsy storefront

Etsy Seller Account Management Service

Digicommerce Solutions helps you to get on to Etsy, stay there and succeed with its comprehensive Etsy account management services. We give you advice on how to sell on Etsy for beginners, understand all that is involved by way of adhering to Etsy guidelines, about shipping and financial transactions and customer interactions as well as promotions. There is much to do and you may find it overwhelming. However, we make it easy for you by doing everything to get you registered on Etsy, set up your account, set up the financial and banking side and help you to choose a suitable name for your shop and for your brand and start selling.

Etsy Product Listing and Cataloging Service

The fundamental principle to adhere to when selling online is to have great photographs that impress viewers and to create content that is succinct, informative and persuasive. Our team is fully conversant with Etsy account requirements and will slot your products in the right category, and choose the right title, tag and keywords based on research so that when people use those keywords, your products show up by doing right ETSY product listings and cataloging. We also write descriptive content that gives all details in brief, is persuasive and compelling. We take care of setting up your shop on Etsy, create your profile and suitable product categories and upload the products to relevant slots. This is followed by advertising, promotions and community building activities.

Etsy Sales Boost Services

Etsy does carry out promotions of its site and features products. They charge their members for such promotions. In addition, you can also engage in your own promotions to boost sales. This may be complex and beyond you due to time and the specialized knowledge required. Digicommerce carries out Etsy sales boost service for you through paid PPC campaigns, programmatic ads and social media ads and strategic campaigns. Our assigned team members, including our Etsy account manager assigned to your account, will interact with customers, handle inquiries and develop a community within Etsy as well as on social media platforms that will ultimately boost Etsy sales for you.

Etsy Seller Registration

Etsy seller registration is easier than what you will find on regular ecommerce marketplaces but, still, you must know what is required, fill in the form and furnish details as are necessary for the account set up. Do not feel apprehensive about this. Digicommerce Etsy seller registration service takes care of this process from start to finish. We set up an email account accessible to you and to our team handling your Etsy account, use it to register an account at Etsy and then go on to set up the bank related process followed by banking confirmation. If you do not have PayPal account, we help to set it up. Once this is done we create your profile and upload it to your account and set up your shop with a name of your choice and a suitable theme to reflect your product niche. Each product listed requires a listing fee to be paid. We advise you on optimizing products to be listed to minimize cost and to ensure that the selected product, based on our research, sells quickly and in numbers.

Customizing Etsy Storefront - Personalizing your Etsy Shop

One of the major attractions for individual craftsmen, creators, artists and collectors who wish to sell on Etsy is that they can set up their storefront and pick a custom theme with a unique look to it. Etsy offers standard templates with customizable options. Digicommerce team of Etsy experts will help you to choose a suitable one. Further, if you need a more customized look, our designers can come up with a look and design that reflects your artistic sentiment and creative persona.

Let us partner you in your quest for online success through catalogue management. It is the first step to impress visitors and convert them to buyers. Best of all, when you subscribe to our service you get our Etsy boost services that result in increased sales right off the bat!


The recommended practice on Etsy is for sellers to add postage/shipping cost to the product price and offer "free� shipping. An alternative is to offer different "shipping paid� prices for local supplies within the country and another for international supplies. The final price shown on Etsy includes shipping and buyers know they will not have to pay additional charges.

Selling on Etsy involves a number of charges. It starts with a fee for listing each product, which can be around $0.20 or equivalent. Then you pay Etsy 6.5% transaction fee and the PayPal transaction fee. Etsy will also recover advertising costs it incurs for promoting your products through its channels.

In the first place only individuals who are actual creators or owners of products (home appliances or antiques, for example) can sell on Etsy. You must sign up and create an account at Etsy. The next step is to set up your banking and payments on Etsy. Etsy will deposit a small amount in your account which amount you must fill in for account validation in the space provided. Once this is done you set up your store and list products and you are ready to go.

It depends. If you have low value items then you will find that Etsy charges, as a whole, may exceed whatever gains you expect from selling the product on Etsy. Make sure you consider all the Etsy costs you will pay before pricing a product to sell on Etsy to ensure you have a profit. All things considered, it is worth selling on Etsy since people search Etsy for unique, hand-crafted and hand-made goods, old household articles and antique items and it is easy to sell here.

You can sell products you make such as hand-crafted articles, hand-made home d�cor, paintings, hand made custom apparels and furnishing, carvings and similar creations. You can sell antiques provided these are more than 20 years old and you are the owner. You can sell hand made food items too.

At the moment of writing this content, Etsy does not charge a monthly fee from sellers. You pay product listing fee, ad promotion fees, 6.5% on sales and PayPal transaction fee.

Etsy does not require sellers to furnish any GST or PAN documents to sign up and sell. However, if you are planning to commercialize operations and are going to be liable to pay GST then you must get registered with GST and, for income tax, with the Income-tax authorities. It is your responsibility to take of taxes payable in accordance with regulations.

Etsy pays those who are operating in India and other countries except the USA via PayPal. Therefore, please set up a PayPal account if you plan to sell on Etsy.

Probably antiques are the most profitable thing to sell, provided they are more than 20 years old.

No. Etsy makes it clear that it will not ask for any business Licence. It is for the seller to conduct due diligence and get registered with local authorities if found necessary in order to be in compliance with local laws.

It is difficult to say since the value addition is difficult to evaluate in money terms and handmade items sell more on perceived aesthetics and artistic value. Some handmade items of utilitarian use (linen, food, etc) may be priced for sale based on cost of materials, cost of labor plus all the charges you will pay to Etsy and Paypal plus your profit.

Etsy is full of people searching for handmade items like handmade apparel, jeweler, foods, d�cor, art items, paintings, cosmetics, kitchenware and even handmade toys.

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