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Reach millions of B2B buyers globally

We are World's No.1 Ecommerce Enabler. Sell your products to crores of customers from comfort of your home

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Reach millions of B2B buyers globally

We are World's No.1 Ecommerce Enabler. Sell your products to crores of customers from comfort of your home

Then Why are you Waiting?? Connect Us Now


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Alibaba Account Management, Gold Supplier, Minisite and Product Listing Services
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Alibaba Account Management Services - Leading ecommerce Platform for B2B Globally

Digicommerce offers the full spectrum of Alibaba-related services to help you get started in the world of international business, starting with Alibaba seller account set up and supported by our Alibaba seller account management services. Keep reading to know all that we can do for you on Alibaba.

Alibaba Global Gold Supplier

This badge of Gold Supplier is coveted since it inspires trust and confidence, leading to accelerated growth. Digicommerce can help you get your Alibaba Gold Supplier Badge.

What is Alibaba Gold Supplier?

The Alibaba Gold Supplier badge is a premium membership for suppliers on Alibaba. This coveted badge can be obtained only on:

  • Paying premium membership fees.
  • Undergoing third-party verification and passing the Alibaba A&V check.
  • Consistently maintaining ethical standards and quality of services.

How to become Alibaba Gold Supplier?

You first need to set up an Alibaba business account with the help of Digicommerce's Alibaba seller account management services.

  • The first step is to set up your Alibaba seller account or Alibaba business account and register as a seller or buyer or both and meet Alibaba seller account requirements.

  • Conduct several transactions to establish yourself and your credibility.
  • Apply for the Alibaba gold supplier program. Alibaba labels suppliers from China as Gold Suppliers whereas global sellers get the Global Gold Supplier label.
  • Suppliers must pay the premium membership fee.
  • Suppliers must complete and authentication and verification process (A&V) by a reputed third-party security service provider appointed by Alibaba.
  • If that provider approves you then Alibaba grants the Global Gold Supplier (GGS)label authorization for use on your Alibaba mini site and alongside your products.

Benefits of Becoming Alibaba GGS?

Businesses that are authorized as Alibaba Global Gold Supplier enjoy several benefits:

  • Authorized sellers can display the Gold Supplier badge or icon on their Alibaba product pages, which is proof of authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability. 85% of buyers prefer to trade with Gold Suppliers.
  • The number of years a member has been a Gold Supplier or Global Gold Supplier is also displayed alongside the GGS icon.
  • GGS badge opens up avenues to get Alibaba premium support, requests for quotation, Alibaba marketing, and exclusive access to buyers before free members
  • Unlimited product display with first-level priority
  • Product showcase for a more powerful impact.

Alibaba Minisite Design

It is not enough to become a seller on Alibaba with an Alibaba seller account. You need to stand out from thousands of suppliers and attract buyers. This is done through the Alibaba minisite design that Digicommerce can set up for you as part of its Alibaba seller account management service.

What is Alibaba Minisite Design?

Alibaba Global Gold Suppliers are entitled to a minisite on the Alibaba platform. It just like having your own website but with the added advantage of high visibility since it is deployed within the Alibaba marketplace website.

  • Only Alibaba Gold Suppliers are entitled to a minisite on Alibaba
  • You can upload unlimited product profiles and images as well as videos just as you would on your own site and have inner pages on the minisite
  • You can have a company profile page and messaging channels for direct interaction with buyers through the minisite.
  • You can customize the layout and theme for unique looks and with content to attract traffic and be visible in searches.

Digicommerce can help to set up your Amazon business account, get you the GGS label and set up your Alibaba minisite.

Why to Design an Alibaba Minisite?

It is a must for Global Gold Suppliers on Alibaba to set up their Alibaba minisite for these reasons:

  • Create your own unique space on the Alibaba marketplace platform, complete with a product showcase, company profile, language translation options, messaging, and direct access to buyers
  • Become highly visible in Alibaba searches and Google searches with the use of the right set of keywords, images, and videos.
  • Impress visitors and gain instant inquiries and conversions.
  • Use the link in your blogs and social media posts to further enhance traffic and reputation.

Digicommerce offers complete Alibaba minisite design, setup and account management services.

Benefits of Designing Alibaba Minisite

Get Digicommerce's complete Alibaba seller account management services which include Alibaba minisite design and management and enjoy these benefits:

  • Create your own unique space on the Alibaba marketplace platform, complete with a product showcase, company profile, language translation options, messaging, and direct access to buyers
  • Unique, niche positioning and branding of your company and your products.
  • Higher visibility in Alibaba searches and Google searches with product keywords, title, page, and content optimization, translating to more conversions and referrals as well as testimonials that you can display on the minisite..
  • Interact directly with buyers on your minisite, faster results, high conversions, maximum ROIs, and overcome the competition.

Get started on your global enterprise with Digicommerce's Alibaba suite of services.

Alibaba Minisites Design and Development

Alibaba Minisites Design and Development

Alibaba Product Posting & Ranking Optimization

There are thousands of sellers on Alibaba and it can be tough to get to the top of the list in searches, be noticed and receive inquiries. This is where Digicommerce with its Alibaba product posting and ranking optimization services makes all the difference to your success.

What is Product Posting on Alibaba?

Once you set up your Alibaba seller account you must upload product images along with title and description to your designated Alibaba page. This is known as product posting. However, what demarcates a successful posting from a routine one is:

  • Choosing the right product category and sub-category on Alibaba where your product will appear
  • Use of the right set of images to show a product from different angles
  • Use of the right title that describes the product in brief and also includes keywords

  • A detailed description of the product, including the, most often used keywords in searches, gives visitors a complete picture.
  • The right combination leads to a high ranking on Alibaba's first page in search results.

Why Alibaba Ranking Optimization?

Considering that there are thousands of sellers on Alibaba and that buyers will not go beyond the first search page results, it is important to consider Alibaba ranking optimization for these reasons:

  • Contents of each product description and product page are optimized to rank high on Alibaba search results page and also on Google searches, which improves traffic leading to more conversions
  • Keyword ranking optimization translates to higher conversion ratios
  • Ranking optimization also gives you analytics that gives insight on all aspects and helps you to further optimize your Alibaba product listings and reoptimize as time goes by in order to stay on top.

Factors to Focus on While Optimizing Product Listings on Alibaba

Ranking is not achieved just by posting a product or by the use of random content. In order to optimize product ranking on Alibaba these factors need to be considered:

  • Keywords choice based on research and analytics of keywords used in searches on Alibaba for similar products
  • The differentiating factor that will create uniqueness and lead to more traffic to your minisite product pages e.g. using additional words such as "guaranteed" or "free replacement" or "money back"
  • Segregate products into categories such as hot selling, affordable, and deals
  • Run quality scores for each product post
  • Create a unique title including searched keywords
  • Use professional quality high grade images
  • Make sure to include all details like price, packaging, shipping, delivery time, and returns policy
  • Re-optimize old posts.
Alibaba Product Posting & Ranking Optimization

Alibaba RFQ Management

Alibaba has set up a system in which intending buyers will browse through its site, view pages of sellers and select products they are interested in and forward a request for quotation to which the seller responds.

What is RFQ on Alibaba?

RFQ is Request for Quotation that prospective buyers use when they search Alibaba and come across products they like and wish to buy. The process is simple:

  • Buyers browse the Alibaba site or search for specific products and view pages and product listings set up by sellers on Alibaba. If they like a product they click on the RFQ button.
  • The next step is to fill in a form that is forwarded to the seller on Alibaba to respond.
  • Before that, the team at Alibaba will review the RFQ to find out whether it is a general inquiry or a buying request.
  • The seller can respond accordingly after deciphering the intent. Alibaba screens the quotation and forwards it to the buyer who can then start trade negotiations

How We Can Help You in RFQ Submission?

Digicommerce, your friendly Alibaba seller account management services, helps you with RFQ submissions in several ways:

  • We analyze product keywords and client requests and set up optimization of product descriptions to get precise RFQs that translate to sales.
  • Assess received RFQ and prioritize responses
  • Assist with providing complete product details and related information such as payment and shipping and also handle the process of submitting a quote
  • You can continue with your routine activities and step in when the quote is transformed into an order through us.

Benefits of Alibaba RFQ Submission with Digicommerce

Digicommerce is expert in handling Alibaba seller account requirements of which managing RFQ is a part. Leave it to us to enjoy these benefits:

  • Carry on with your core activities, save time, money, and effort while we handle the preliminaries of the RFQ
  • Precise and responsive RFQ done by us will improve your score and enhance trust ratings which will translate to more quoting rights.
  • We use keywords that help to target the right buyers and keep on analyzing and refining content and keywords to narrow down the focus so that the majority of RFQs translate to sales.

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Other marketplace Services We Serve:

Digicommerce Solutions is India's leading Alibaba seller service provider. We are equally adept in helping sellers get on to various Indian and international e-commerce marketplaces in the B2C and B2B segments. To date, we have successfully assisted over 7500 small and medium businesses to transform their local operations to international online e-commerce-based operations with resounding success. The other marketplaces where we offer our services to help you succeed as a seller are:

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Jiomart Seller Account Management Service Meesho Seller Account Management Service Alibaba Seller Account Management Service Walmart Seller Account Management Service

Don't Belive us, Explore the review

Don't Belive us, Explore the review

FAQ - Customer Question for the Service

Why Should I Sell on Alibaba?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Alibaba is a global online ecommerce marketplace with localized presence in different countries. It provides sellers a chance to reach out to million of customers and achieve instant, dramatic growth. Your operations will be transformed from a brick and mortar store to a national or international business without spending a ton on marketing. Alibaba even takes care of shipment and packing for you.

Who can sell on Alibaba?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Individuals, small businesses and large businesses, traders and manufacturers can all sell on the Alibaba marketplace. Even service providers can use Alibaba to reach a wider audience.

How do i sell on Alibaba?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

There are steps to becoming a seller on the Alibaba marketplace. Digicommerce will help you to become an Alibaba seller. In brief, you must be a registered business with GST and be authorized to sell branded products. You will need to register with Alibaba as a seller and then create your storefront. Buyers will see your products during searches on Alibaba and, if they place an order, Alibaba notifies you. You pack and the Alibaba delivery partner picks it up and arranges for onward dispatch to the buyer.

Can i Offer Both product and Service on

Alibaba is one of the biggest global marketplaces but it allows you to sell only products permitted in its list. Some prohibited products cannot be sold. Service providers can make use of the Alibaba platform to offer services such as house cleaning, education and others.

Do I need to courier my product to

No. There are two ways Alibaba works. One way is for you to keep inventory and prepare the package for shipment on receiving an order in which case the Alibaba designated courier picks up the package from your warehouse. The other way is the FBA way in which you dispatch products in bulk to be stored in Alibaba�s warehouses from where they will ship directly to buyer on receiving an order.

What are the Document Required to Register as a seller on

You will need to have PAN and GST registration certificates as well as such other certificates depending on the nature of your business. A partnership deed, bank account statement, certificate of incorporation and proof of business and address are some documents you must keep ready for submission.

Who Decide the price of the products?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

The seller can decide at which price to sell products on Alibaba. However, you will note that sellers cannot just fix any price; they have to see the prices at which similar products are sold on Alibaba and price their product accordingly to be competitive.

Will I get charged for listing products on

Alibaba will not levy any charges for registration and listing your products on Alibaba. However, when a product is sold, Alibaba will deduct their charges from the total received and remit the balance to the seller.

Who takes care of the delivery of my products?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Normal sellers are required to maintain an inventory and, when notified of a sale, they must package the product in the Alibaba supplied packaging and label them. A designated courier picks it up for onward dispatch. FBA sellers do not have to worry about individual shipments. They dispatch products in bulk to Alibaba warehouse from where Alibaba ships individual orders.

How and when will i get paid?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Alibaba will transfer payments directly to your bank account seven days after they receive payment for a successful shipment. Alibaba will deduct its fees from the total amount and remit the balance to the seller.

When can i start selling?

Use Digicommerce Alibaba seller registration service to get registered and then let Digicommerce create your catalogue and product listing after Alibaba approves your application. Once the storefront is live you can sell on Alibaba.

How many listings are required to start selling?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

There is no specific mandatory requirement about the minimum number of products to sell on Alibaba. You can start with just one if you like but it is better to have more.

Who decide the price of product?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

The seller decides the price of the product. Keep in mind the prices charged by other competitors on Alibaba, the Alibaba fees, shipment, taxes and your profits when you fix the sale price on Alibaba.

What are the fee Charged?arrow-down-sign-to-navigate

Alibaba charges different fees such as product category based fees, fees based on price of product, shipping and handling, taxes and fulfillment fees for services.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Alibaba

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