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Meesho Seller Advertisement Services

In this fast-paced, highly paced world of ecommerce, advertisements are just as necessary as in the retail world. Digicommerce offers comprehensive suite of Meesho advertisement services to help your store and products rank high and be visible, generating more sales. This is part of our Meesho seller account management services.

About Meesho Ads

Meesho offers an advertisement program similar to Google in that you opt in to the program and your Meesho product listings are displayed at the top in the discovery pages, leading to higher visibility and you pay only when a buyer clicks through.

Meesho's ad programs also offer categories such as Recommended Catalogs, Recommended Budget and Auto CPC through which you can get the best return on investment in their ad program.

Digicommerce is fully knowledgeable about the various on site Meesho ad programs and offers Meesho advertisement service as part of its Meesho seller account management services. We make a world of difference to your sales.

How Meesho Advertising Helps Your Business

Digicommerce adopts a variety of strategies in its Meesho advertisement services to help Meesho sellers sell more, sell fast and grow quickly.

Boost visibility:

Meesho offers ads on its platform through which sellers can get their products to list at the top in searches. This translates to more visitors and more buys.

Increase your sales:

Your product shows up right at the top when a buyer on Meesho searches for specific items. Buyers are more likely to click through when a product is at the top of search listings and also carries a recommended label.

Attract more customers:

Careful listing of products and content description using wide-ranging keywords in related categories will attract more customers to visit your page on Meesho and buy.

Track and Manage Ads:

Meesho provides full analytics data on the performance of your listings and ads to give you up to the minute information. You can use this to make hard decisions on which products to promote more, your budgets and sales numbers as well as revenues.

Pay only for Click:

The best thing about the Meesho ad program is that it is implemented immediately and you pay only when a prospective buyer clicks on your product listing in searches.

Control costs:

You are in full control of your budget and can decide how much to spend on a particular product per day or per week or for a defined period.

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