Amazon Australia (FBA) Seller Fee & Price Calculator 2023 | Calculate FBA Specific Charges
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Amazon FBA Calculator Australia, Loss & Profit Calculator

Sell on Amazon and you are looking at steady revenue streams since Amazon gives you access to thousands of buyers. However, calculating pricing is important because you want to balance your purchase price with the sale price and make a profit and, at the same time, your sale price must be competitive with that of other sellers on Amazon Australia. This is where the Amazon FBA calculator comes in handy. Use it before you actually list and catalogue products.


Referral Fees % AU $
Closing Fees AU $
Item Fees AU $
Amazon Shipping Fees AU $
Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees AU $
GST on Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees AU $
Total Amazon Charges AU $
You Make AU $

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Why Amazon FBA calculator is important

When you sign up as Amazon FBA seller, possibly with assistance from, approved Amazon partners, you must know precisely what you will be paying to Amazon. You pay referral fee, closing fee and selling fee as well as fulfilment cost. These vary, based on a percentage of the sale price or decided on price slabs or weight/volume if it is about shipping. Get it wrong and you could fix a sale price that is lower than what it should be to cover your costs and you suffer a loss. At the same time, if you overprice products then competitors offering better prices on Amazon Australia are likely to get orders. Therefore, it is imperative to use Amazon FBA calculator Australia to know calculations based on Australian Dollar.


 It is easy to use the FBA calculator once you get the hang of it. You can enter variables in the various boxes and use it as an FBA revenue calculator and to fine tune your final price, knowing the precise percentage profit you are getting. The Amazon FBA calculator has the Amazon FBA profit calculator at the bottom that shows you the amount and the percentage of profit margin. You can also view the labour, packing material cost, shipping cost and monthly storage cost in the cost breakup section of the FBA calculator. Keep in mind that there will be returns and when this happens, your profits diminish, so you can use the calculator to factor in such losses and still emerge with a profit.


What the FBA calculator does not do is calculate your other costs outside of Amazon such as your expenses and your time or salaries you pay your staff. However, once you get the FBA calculator figures you can easily modify price further based on inclusion of your other expenses. If all of this seems a bit complicated you can let DigiCommerce do it for you. 

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