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Amazon Price Calculator Singapore

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If you plan to sell on Amazon Singapore learn about the costs involved and how to calculate price using Digicommerce Amazon Singapore price calculator right here.


Referral Fees % $
Closing Fees $
Item Fees $
Amazon Shipping Fees $
Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees $
GST on Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees $
Total Amazon Charges $
You Make $

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Amazon cost overview

How you price your products on Amazon singapore and what profit margin you should keep are factors that are affected by Amazon charges. Amazon costs can cut down your margin but this is offset by possibilities of high volume sales you can achieve quickly. You can sell as an individual or join the professional program. This is how it works when it comes to costs you pay to Amazon Singapore:


Subscription and per item fee

Professional sellers pay $ 39.99 per month. Individuals do not have to pay subscription fees.

Professional sellers do not pay per item fee whereas individual sellers must pay $ 0.99 per product sold.


Shipping fees

Shipping fees are applicable for both sellers and depend on product category, weight, size and volume as well as mode of shipping. If charged from customers the fee is reimbursed to sellers.


Referral fees

Sellers must pay referral fee which is a percentage of the value  and percentage depends on the product category and it is calculated on total sales rice. There are different rates and the best way is to use Amazon price calculator Singapore that appears on this page.


Closing Fee

Both kinds of sellers pay a closing fee.


Taxes as applicable on all the fees.


The gross value of all these are deducted from the sale price. You do not have to calculate manually. Simply enter values in the online Amazon price calculator Singapore and you know at a glance the percentage you net and the amount.


Do it better with Digicommerce assistance

The Amazon price calculator Singapore is shown here for guidance and to help you arrive at a rough estimate. It can also be used to know profitability about products so you can decide about listing them or forget them if costs are too high and profits are not possible. Digicommerce is an ecommerce facilitator as well as Amazon approved and assists global retailers get rolling on their regional Amazon marketplace. From registration to product selection, pricing and other strategies to sell more on Amazon, Digicommerce is your go to service provider.


Let us get started today and help you succeed on the highly competitive Amazon marketplace platform. You receive total support and guidance from our Amazon qualified professionals.


Phone or email us to set matters into motion and prosper by getting onto Amazon Singapore. 

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