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Limeroad Online Seller Price Calculator

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Limeroad is a relatively new entrant in the world of online shopping and its operations do not compare with the giants. Still, it is making headway in online home décor, accessories and fashion retail segment and aims to gain a place in top 5. If you are in apparel retail trade then you should consider joining Limeroad marketplace since it has a reputation as a high fashion store.


Limeroad Seller Fees Calculator

Commission Fees % Rs.
limeroad Shipping Fees Rs.
Commission+Shipping Fees Rs.
GST on Commission+Shipping Fees Rs.
Total limeroad Charges Rs.
You Make Rs.

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Limeroad online seller price calculator

As with any other online mrketplace you can expect Limeroad to charge seller fees. Just how much you pay to Limeroad marketplace can be found by using this digicommerce Limeroad online seller price calculator.


Thankfully, Limeroad price calculator is simpler than others because Limeroad fee structure is simpler. However, is Limeroad affordable? Take this sample calculation obtained using digicommerce Limeroad price calculator India:


From the above it is apparent that Limeroad commission is a hefty. What this means is that apparel products must indeed have a high profit margin to let you afford to pay commission to Limeroad marketplace and that buyers are willing to pay your prices.


It may be noted that the high commission is only in the apparel segment whereas in home decor.


However, leaving that aside, if you wish to join Limeroad marketplace you can use Limeroad online seller price calculator shown here to find out how much you pay to Limeroad and how much you will receive so you can fix a proper price. If you have doubts, you can always get in touch with our experts on online marketplaces at and receive the right guidance. If you look at the Limeroad seller price calculator you will see that they charge only commission and reasonable shipping fee and no fixed fees or handling fees. Since the Limeroad online seller price calculator is free to use it you can try any number of combinations to arrive at a suitable price that gives you a good profit and appears attractive to buyers.


Digicommerce can help launch your store on Limeroad and help you with fixing the right prices for various products according to competition on Limeroad and the target buyers on this store. We help maximize profits with the help of Limeroad price calculator and our expertise in online sales. 

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