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Change Text Case

Digicommerce Free Change Text Case Tool Online 

Text looks good with proper capitalization at appropriate places and of appropriate words. Apart from general matters, there are instances such as in software coding where one must have the right text case. Whatever the purpose, you will find Digicommerce free Change Text Case tool versatile and useful to carry out changes such as uppercase to lower case or vice versa, capitalize each word or capitalize characters at the beginning of a sentence.


The Digicommerce Change Text Case features

Digicommerce Change Text Case tool is versatile with features for most use case scenarios:

  • You can convert uppercase to lowercase with ease. Enter text in the box and click on the lower case button.
  • You can change lowercase to uppercase. Enter text and click on upper case button.
  • Enter text and then click on Capitalize. What you see is that each word in the text you have entered begins with an uppercase character. This can be perfect for creating headings.
  • Use the sentence case option and you will see text string converted with only the first word’s first character converted to upper case.

Digicommerce text case changer, as you can see is very versatile. In addition, Digicommerce change text case facility allows online text changes quickly and accurately.


Why use Digicommerce Online Text Changer?

  • Not everyone is an expert at typing. Even if you take care you will find that some sentences do not start with capitalization. Even when you run a spell check, you have to change it manually. In such cases, this free online text changer proves to be perfect.
  • There will be special cases where you wish to change upper case to lower case or vice versa. It is a chore to use your keyboard to do it manually. The faster way is to use this free online text change tool.
  • When you have access to this tool you can type faster and forget about using shift keys or Caps Lock key for capitalization. Once you have typed text copy-paste it into this Digicommerce text changer online utility and voila, your sentences look perfect with uppercase at the start of each sentence.
  • Students will love it since they can focus on content. Coders will love it because it saves time and effort.
  • You will not find these features even in good word processors.


Digicommerce change text case tool is free and fast. Use it and benefit from it. 

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