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Digicommerce Free Word Counter SEO Tool Online

Make your words count is a popular saying. From the SEO perspective, it counts your words. It is important in several ways if you have access to a nifty and free word counter tool such as the one provided here.

Here is why you need a word counter


Novels may stretch to hundreds of page with thousands of words. The online world of SEO is different. Here you have to keep close track of word count, a task easily achieved with word counter facility on this site. Here is why you need the word counter:

  • Blogs and articles must have a defined word count or else sites will not accept them.
  • Google and other search engines may give lower ranking if the word count is not within specified limits.
  • Facebook limits posts to 63200 or so characters so you need a character count online tool as well.
  • Tweets need to be limited to 280 characters at the most.
  • Hashtags on Instagrams allow 2200 characters at the most.

Digicommerce Free Word Counter and character count online tool help you stay within limits. It saves time. You do not have to rework contents.


How do you use Digicommerce word counter?


You can use Digicommerce free word counter in two ways.

  • Type in the text. Then click on count words.
  • The other way is to simply copy-paste text you have written in another document like, for example, Notepad.
  • The result box displays the number of words in your content.
  • You also get to view total characters with and without spaces by using the character count line tool.


It is free, it is fast


The word counter online tool by Digicommerce is free to use with no limitations whatsoever.

  • You do not need to download and install any software.
  • You do not have to register to use Digicommerce word count tool.
  • It is extremely fast since it gives you the basic word count and character count, which are important.
  • Since your text is not stored on our server you are assured of security and confidentiality. You do not have to log in and you use the word counter online tool anonymously.

Whether you are writing a long blog post of 2000 words or more or when you are posting on social media, you will find Digicommerce online word count tool the perfect companion to keep track of the number of words and characters in your content. You will find it very useful and indispensable. 

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