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Image Compress


Digicommerce Free Compress Image Utility Online 

You may have an image file on your computer created with a graphics application or you may have a digital scan or digital photo capture. These images vary in size and resolution. Should you upload these images to your website in an uncompressed state it will take a longer time for the page to load. The result is that visitors may leave your website and it may rank lower in search engine results. Before you upload your images to your site always use a compress image utility.


Digicommerce compress image online utility


In the normal course of things, you would open the image in a program like photoshop and then resize it as well as reduce its resolution for web page displays. This can take a long time especially if you have a number of images to work on. Digicommerce compress image utility does it in one stroke.

  • You can use the compress image online tool by clicking on the select file button to select a file on your computer. The image compressor does the rest. It optimizes the image for size and resolution to reduce file size. The result is fast page loads and better appearance.
  • Digicommerce online image compressor automatically reduces and compresses image while maintaining proportions. The look of portraits, landscape, buildings or products is not affected.
  • JPEG is the most widely used format for images and it is a form of compression. Still, there are options in resolution and size/quality.JPEGS can be compressed still further with image compressor tools. File size can reduce by 70%. A file that is a couple of MB in size can reduce to a couple of hundred KB in size after digital image compression.


The benefits of Digicommerce compress image online tool

  • If images are to be viewed on screen then the optimal resolution is 72 dpi. You do not have to use 300 dpi images, which are better for print. Use compress image online and the resolution of your files is reduced.
  • Compress image and its pixel count also reduces. This results in a smaller file size. You save hard disk space on your system.
  • If you upload to a website your page loads faster after you use online image compressor on your images. Your requirement of hosting space also reduces leading to lower hosting costs.
  • If you use images in word documents, then when you use compress image size online utility, your word document file size becomes smaller. Email them faster. The same applies to images in PDF documents.
  • You can store more images on your hard disk or on your mobile devices once you use compress image online tool by Digicommerce.
  • Your bandwidth consumption decreases.


Digicommerce image compressor is free. Make the best use of it!

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