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GIF Converter


Digicommerce Free Online GIF Converter 

The GIF, or graphics interchange format, is a bitmap format that has quite a few uses. One of the advantages is that you can turn the background transparent and you can have animated GIFs which are not possible in jpg or other formats. If you are converting line art or simple graphics to image format then you will find that GIF with limited palette can lead to smaller file sizes. Where high image quality is not the most important factor then you will find that GIF format serves you well. Use Digicommerce free GIF converter to convert jpg to GIF.


How to use Digicommerce GIF converter

It is easy to use the online jpg to GIF converter. You do not have to install or download any software.

  • Launch the online jpg to GIF converter.
  • Click on browse button and select file on your hard disk.
  • Upload it and then click on convert. It is as easy and as simple as that. The image to GIF converter delivers a GIF image in just seconds.


Where do you use GIFs?


  • With the help of a suitable program, you can use the gif images you get from the image to gif converter to create animations. You can use these on your web pages.
  • If you have videos you can use the convert video to gif utility to create a short animation. GIFs will display everywhere unlike video that may require conversion to flash or other formats to display online.
  • You can paste GIF inline in tweets and in emails and social media posts.
  • If you create graphics that employ only solid colors then using the online JPG to GIF converter will result in compact file sizes. Such animations from convert video to gif can be used in social media, tweets or emails.
  • GIFs can be used in tutorials and small presentations you can post online or send by mail.
  • If you are converting a color image to monochrome then GIF results in compact files.


Benefits of using Digicommerce GIF converter

  • Digicommerce GIF converter is free to use and fast.
  • There is no need to download software or have specialized knowledge to use image to gif converter.
  • You save disk space, bandwidth, time and effort by using gifs obtained from the free GIF converter.

The GIF format has quite a few advantages over static jpg images, especially in short animations. There is nothing else that can match it for speed and convenience. Try the GIF converter, create your animations and make a world of difference in the impact. 

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