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Digicommerce Free PNG Converter Online 

While JPEGs are fine for photographs and images, there are issues too. JPEG images with good clarity, high resolution and minimum compression result in larger file sizes. If you compress jpg images then the image shows pixelation. Portable Network Graphics or PNG format is ideal in that the file size is smaller but does not lose on image clarity. Another benefit of png format is that the images adjust automatically to the screen settings so there is more consistency in appearance across devices. Colors too are more beautiful in png compared to GIFs for the same file size. It makes sense to use PNG converter to convert jpg or gif to png format and you can do this with Digicommerce online PNG converter.

How to use Digicommerce online PNG converter

You would have to use photoshop or similar application to convert jpg to png format but with Digicommerce free online PNG converter you can easily convert. This is how you use the PNG converter:

  • Pick PNG converter on Digicommerce home page.
  • Click on Browse button and then select a jpg image from your computer and upload.
  • Click on convert button and you are done. A large sized jpg image of several MB in size is converted to png of just a couple of hundred KB or smaller while retaining clarity and color richness. The free PNG converter does all the work in just a couple of clicks.

Benefits of using online PNG converter

  • You do not have to learn a photo editing program to convert jpg to png format. Just use this PNG converter and the job is done in a couple of clicks.
  • The online PNG converter is free and delivers richly detailed and colorful png images you can use in documents and web pages. They look far better than jpg images.
  • The file size of PNG images you get from the free png converter is small. This means you can send emails faster, web pages load faster, you save on hard disk space and your internet bandwidth consumption reduces.
  • Digicommerce online image converter is free. You do not pay anything to use this facility. You do not have to register and signup. It is absolutely Free.

If you want to see the difference just load the png and jpg file one after another in your image viewer. Look at the file size. The jpg file size will be larger. Reduce jpg image and file size to match png file size and the image becomes highly pixelated. 

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