A Complete Guide to eBay Commission Fees: Understanding and Managing Your Selling Costs

Explore our complete guide on eBay commission fees to understand how eBay charges its sellers. Learn about final value fees, insertion fees, and optional listing upgrade fees. Manage your selling costs effectively with our detailed insights and tips.

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eBay Commission Fees Breakdown

Final Value Fees

Final value fees are charged based on the total amount of the sale, including the item price, shipping, and any other applicable charges. The percentage varies by category but typically ranges from 10% to 12%.

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Insertion Fees

Insertion fees are charged when you list an item for sale. eBay allows sellers a certain number of free listings per month, and beyond that, a fee is charged for each additional listing. The fee depends on the starting price of the item.

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Optional Listing Upgrade Fees

Sellers can choose to enhance their listings with optional upgrades such as bold titles, subtitles, or additional photos. Each of these enhancements comes with an additional fee.

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Store Subscription Fees

For high-volume sellers, eBay offers store subscriptions which come with a monthly fee. Subscribing to a store can provide benefits such as lower final value fees and additional free listings.

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Promoted Listings Fees

To increase the visibility of your listings, you can use eBay's Promoted Listings service. The fee for this service is a percentage of the final sale price and is only charged when your item sells through the promoted listing.

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