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Online FBA Calculator|Amazon FBA Calculator UK

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One of the easiest ways to sell to a large customer base is to take advantage of the Amazon UK marketplace. Once you join you can opt for fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program that makes life easier and also earns you a higher reputation with more sales flowing into your store on Amazon. However, in order to sell successfully and in large quantities you need to price your product just right to be competitive. You must also factor in competition prices and the charges you have to pay to Amazon in addition to your overheads and fixed cost.

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Closing Fees
Item Fees
Amazon Shipping Fees
Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees
GST on Referral+Closing+Shipping Fees
Total Amazon Charges
You Make

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The need for FBA calculator

You may sell ten products or you may sell a hundred. Each has to be priced to fetch you a profit. You are free to fix the selling price but then you must also consider the prices at which competitors are selling the same product on Amazon. Then there are the FBA fees to consider for which the best option is Amazon FBA calculator UK.


FBA fees

The Amazon FBA calculator UK gives UK based merchants a precise breakup of the FBA fees and what are included in the fees. Typically, the FBA calculator gives you precise amount of the fixed closing fee charged on each sale, fulfillment fee that depends on the size and weight of the package as well as its category and destination, final cost of product and then your net profit and net margin.   

That is the bare minimum. Amazon FBA also provides facility to add further information to account for all your costs so have a precise idea of your profitability. This can include cost of prepping the item and shipping to Amazon.

Your upfront costs could involve cost of services such as photography, samples and shipping. The variable costs include FBA fee, returns and storage charges. Then you must also factor in marketing costs such as online promotions to arrive to an accurate figure of what you are earning per product sale. DigiCommerce assists you by handling all this for you while you can focus more on your inventory, sourcing and dispatches.


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